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  flobby 11:33 05 Apr 2003

Hi All, I have Zone Alarm and Pop up stopper installed on my computer. And what I would like to know is HOW can I get rid of the splash screen that appears on boot up. I know it is not major but it is annoying.
Thanks for your help.
Cheers, Flobby

  xtreme_computing 11:36 05 Apr 2003

1) Right click on the Zone Alarm icon and select properties.

2) On the Shortcut tab, in the target field, enter in exactly:

"C\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nosplash

personal i like to see it, as i know it has loaded!

  MAJ 13:00 05 Apr 2003

And you need to have the Pro version of Popup Stopper do disable the splash screen for that utility (PanicWare).

  flobby 14:24 06 Apr 2003

I have right clicked and I do not get properties to select. All I get is "Engage internet lock" "Stop all internet activity" "Restore Zone alarm Control centre" and "Shutdown Zone Alarm"

Cheers, Flobby

  StanH 20:03 06 Apr 2003

It is the desktop icon you need, not the one in the taskbar. If you do not have one already, create a desktop shortcut and use that icon.

xtreme - don't you get indication in your taskbar that it has loaded?

  Legolas 21:04 06 Apr 2003

xtreme_computing I am running XP and I cannot get your input to work I know there is a way because I have done it before.

  StanH 07:08 07 Apr 2003

Using ME, in windows explorer go to

C/windows/start menu/ programs/ startup

You may find a shotcut to Zone Alarm there - if so you will find all that xtreme mentions already there except for the "nosplash" which you should add. On mine there is a space between the exe" and nosplash but no hyphen

  xtreme_computing 11:25 07 Apr 2003

sorry i should have been more clear.

if you goto start/programs/zonelabs/and right click the zonealarm/properties

then you can do what i explained above

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