Spilled water into laptop screen

  RyannH 20:19 11 Feb 2015

Don't ask me how I've done it, but I've actually managed to spill salted water into my screen. Now there are some big marks/spots on my screen that are more bright and different than normal as you can see on these pictures: *click here & click here can see that these marks are on the bottom middle part of the screen.

Is there any way to fix this without replacing the screen? Thanks for your reply!


  RyannH 20:21 11 Feb 2015

these pictures: *click here & click here can see that these marks are on the bottom middle part of the screen.

Oops, here the images, the link didn't work


  RyannH 20:25 11 Feb 2015

The 2nd picture again... don't know why it didn't work

click here

  Belatucadrus 21:41 11 Feb 2015

What have you done to clean the screen up to now ?

  bumpkin 22:01 11 Feb 2015

Does it have a screen protector i.e. thin bit of film which can be peeled off.

  RyannH 23:45 11 Feb 2015

@Belatucadrus, not much. I've tried to wipe it off which obviously didnt't work because the liquid is inside the screen. I've also tried to get the liquid out by putting the screen upside down etc. But it seems those marks are part of the screen.... when I push the screen a little bit the 'marks' don't move. Im afraid to put my laptop in a big box of rice because the screen has some gaps where the rice can fall in. I've also heard that maybe 90%+ alcohol could help, but I don't know how to use that to fix my screen.

  RyannH 23:48 11 Feb 2015

@bumpkin no, it doesn't have a screen protector or something similar to that.

  rdave13 00:28 12 Feb 2015

Leave it alone for some time. Gentle evaporating might work. If not you'll need a new screen.

  Belatucadrus 00:57 12 Feb 2015

You can try to clean the surface with a damp microfibre cloth and or suitable screen wipes (not window cleaning wipes ). As to getting out salty residue from inside the screen, I'm at a loss to think of anything that wouldn't just make it worse. All I can suggest is after cleaning the screen surface if you don't want to try the dry rice desiccant approach, take out the battery and put the laptop somewhere warm and dry like an airing cupboard, give it time to dry out thoroughly then boot up and see what you've got.

With the rice you could put a dry tea towel over the screen to protect it then put the rice on top of that or even put the rice in a cloth bag or maybe an old sock. You do need to put the lot in a sealed container so that the rice draws the moisture from the laptop not just the surrounding air.

I fear salt water and electronics are a really bad combination and you may need a new screen, but dry it thoroughly first and best of luck.

  Belatucadrus 01:02 12 Feb 2015

PS the drying time should probably be a couple of days not hours and running it before it's dried properly is likely to make things worse.

  RyannH 16:49 12 Feb 2015

Alright, thanks for your advice belatucadrus. I will mark your answer as solution if I've set up my other notebook.

Right now my laptop is in a closed container with rice on the screen. I've taped all ports and taped the fan holes etc. Here's a picture of it: click here hope for the best! Everyone, thanks for your help and replies. I will tell after 3/4 days what the result is :)


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