Spider Solitaire High Scores - where are they?

  Oscar 00:57 21 Jan 2003
  Oscar 00:57 21 Jan 2003

Not a question of huge importance I know but would appreciate any help.

How are the high scores for Spider Solitaire in Windows XP stored - are they in a file and if so where is it. My aim is to be able to move the file of high scores (if such a thing exists) to another location so that a newly created user can keep the high scores they created earlier before their own account was in place.

Windows XP Home Edition upgrade from ME, FAT32 retained. I think its AMD Athlon 900 and 128MB ram but not sure that that will be relevant. (It's on a friends PC)

Many thanks.

  Pumas 01:21 21 Jan 2003

Game, Statistics

This gives the high score but no names are collected.


  Pumas 01:40 21 Jan 2003

Its in the registry.

If you're not used to the registry editor be careful. A backup would be recomended.

Access regedit: Start, run type "regedit".


The spider solitaire key is located at:


The DWORD values that you are interested in are: HighScore_Difficult, HighScore_Easy and HighScore_Medium.

Double-click to view the value data for these values and note them down.

Access the same place on the other account/computer and substitute these values for the ones on that computer.

This should replace their high-score with yours.

Warning: Note down all values you replace in case you mess up. Do not delete any keys/values. Don't do anything you are unsure of. Do this at your own risk.

Hope that helps


  Pumas 01:50 21 Jan 2003

Ignore the path I gave you for the registry key. That one is for my user account (on my computer and only mine).

Instead go to the nicer sounding:


Everything else is the same.


PS If you are a registry genius, I apologise for asuming you have basic knowledge of the registry.

  Oscar 08:07 21 Jan 2003

As I said it's not my computer. This gives me an answer and an option for my friend so I shalll see what he says.

Thank you very much for your replies.

  Pumas 16:21 21 Jan 2003

I hope it helps


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