Spend more first or buy cheap and upgrade?

  Michael-2276934 04:39 07 Apr 2015

Hello, I am currently looking to buy a new pc for less than £400, I have narrowed it down to these two options

click here am not expecting miracles from either machine but as a designer who uses the adobe suite performance will matter somewhat. Having the card reader built in would be handy but not essential. my main query is the difference in motherboard and psu, is there any real benefit in the more costly machine or should I buy the cheaper and invest in a £50 graphics card if the 500watt will support it (which is a completely different question I know).

If anybody could help and give advice it would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Mike



  Michael-2276934 04:47 07 Apr 2015

Sorry My links aren't appearing correctly

Cheap PC option 1


Less Cheap Otion 2

  SparkyJack 08:27 07 Apr 2015

What had you in mind to 'upgrade'?

Inappropriate 'upgrade can lead to a ' downgrade' in some instances.

  OCTCORE 08:34 07 Apr 2015

It all depends on what you had before, anything modern that's quad with 8 gig of ram (and an SSD drive) will probably blow away what you had, say five years ago. That motherboard is only £50 and that AMD cpu is only twice as quick as the intel quad 6600 I have in my old dell. I notice there using on board graphics too which you might get away with, but most systems have a separate graphics card, it's not a bad price and you get windows 8.1 which is usable. It's not bad, just not bargain of the year.

  SparkyJack 08:55 07 Apr 2015

Take a look at www.novatech.co.UK They offer 'bare bones systens- motherboad/processor/memory bundles.PSU,graphics boards etc.

Perhaps a better way to spend your money.

  Jollyjohn 09:29 07 Apr 2015

Having looked at the two options I spotted this - click here - at the bottom of the Cheap PC option 1 link.

I think this is a better buy as it has W7, not W8. I have found W8 to be sluggish as an operating system, even on good spec machines.

  LastChip 09:39 07 Apr 2015

You'll be very lucky to find something that runs the Adobe suite adequately that is cheap. Adobe is a giant resource hogger and even high powered machines struggle with it- particularly if you're using it professionally.

It's an amazing suite, but it needs top notch hardware to run well.

  Michael-2276934 13:30 07 Apr 2015

Thank you for the replies guys.

Sparky jack, I was purely looking at upgrading to a cheap dedicated graphics card (around £50) if it would benefit the system.

Octcore, yeah my current is getting old and bloated which is why I'm after a none bank breaking upgrade. The graphics was all I was planning to upgrade. Yeah I have tried windows 8 and hated it, I was hoping to learn to cope with 8.1 until 10 becomes a full release. Could no transfer the licence from my current win7?

JollyJohn that was actually the system u was looking at until I decided I wanted at least 1 USB 3.0 on the front.

Cheers for all the replies, if neither of these are there websites people could recommend for towers only, I swapped to dual monitor a while ago for my software usability.

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