flycatcher1 22:57 08 Jul 2008

I use Outlook Express for emails and my Spell Checker only offers foreign language options.
Any ideas ? All help appreciated.

  flycatcher1 23:00 08 Jul 2008

Belatedly I have used the Search Forum and found the answer ! And they call this progress ?

  MarvintheAndroid 23:01 08 Jul 2008

I take it you mean that the list of languages available under tools - options - spelling - does not include English.

This may set you on the right track : click here


  flycatcher1 11:06 09 Jul 2008

Mary you are correct - No Enlish option. Thanks for your help I will look for an English/English Spell Checker but I still am at a loss to understand why upgrading to Word 2007 has clobbered the English but helped the French.

Where did Bill Gates retire to ?

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