Spell Checker's Gone Missing In Xp Home.

  Dearersteak 16:25 09 May 2004

Hi All

Ok, was asked round to a friends house to have glance at his pc for him. He'd just had it built and had installed Xp Home on it. But for some reason, when either writing e-mails (outlook Express) or using note pad, the spell checker button is grayed out for some reason. Is there a simple explanation to this or am i missing something?

Any feed back will be greatly received.

  Djohn 16:28 09 May 2004

Yes. The spell checker is from "Word" or Office" If neither of these are installed then the facility is greyed out.

If your friend has "Works" installed then word from that should enable the spell check in Express. j.

  Djohn 16:30 09 May 2004

A good alternative for spell checking in both express and the message box of this and other forums is a small free download from click here

  Dearersteak 16:32 09 May 2004

ok... thats extacly what i needed to know before i went and told him to buy anything. Thanks for the help...


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