Spell Checker In Office

  Electronic_Eric 23:32 18 Mar 2008


I have office 2007 and for some reason it sees misspelled worded as being correct. The language is on English (United Kingdom). So i cant understand why. As a tester i spelt 'the' like 'teh' and everything came up fine. Does anybody know what could be wrong?


  DieSse 00:38 19 Mar 2008

teh is internet slang (for the) - perhaps the newer dictionary knows that.

Mind you, the autocorrect feature in my Word2000 automatically changes teh into the.

  mike40 08:39 19 Mar 2008

That does seem strange. I have word 2007 and when I typed 'teh' it corrected it to 'the'. You haven't inadvertently added it to the dictionary have you??

  laurie53 09:49 19 Mar 2008

I had the same problem, and found the solution as mike40 suggested - I had somehow added it to the dictionary.

DieSse - why would any one type "teh" as slang for "the"? It's not shorter, easier or more descriptive. Folk have some funny habits!

It's like many texting "shortcuts" are more effort than the original expression.

  Electronic_Eric 18:11 19 Mar 2008

laurie53 - I didn't get the whole slang word "teh" either. I didn't think that the dictionary had slang in like that. I do know some slang words are in though before somebody tries to correct me on that.

Texting "shortcuts", you get more words per text. Therefore you don't spend as much on credit. A lot of us are still on pay as you go schemes. I don't agree with quite a lot of these "shortcuts" because the person on the receiving end cant understand them. I don't agree with typing "shortcuts" on the computer. I don't see how a person can gain from a fraction of a second per word.

IL have to try and type a load of misspelled words and see what happens with it later. Who knows, it might of just had a hissy fit yesterday and it will continue to work like normal.
Its on another machine to what I'm using now. In fact its on my mothers laptop, so i don't know how frequent this problem has been occurring.

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