Spell Checker Dialogue Box - Obliteration of Text

  Cecil1 19:06 22 Jan 2003
  Cecil1 19:06 22 Jan 2003

Hello -

I appreciate this may be a simple question for experienced people to attend to but I'd be grateful if you'll advise me nevertheless.

When you call up the spellchecker after completing a document in XP Works or whatever, the dialogue box obliterates most of the text. I have been advised that to find out precisely what is being highlighted but behind the box, I should drag it out the way. The trouble is, my dialogue box is immune to this sort of manipulation. Therefore, whenever I am advised that something is amiss behind the dialogue box, I have to get rid of it and hunt through the text - now not highlighted of course -to find the error. Clearly there's a way round this but I'm jiggered if I can find it.

Many thanks in advance for your attention listers.

  VoG™ 19:20 22 Jan 2003

If you left click on the blue title bar at the top of the dialog box and keep the mouse button pressed you should be able to drag it out of the way.

  Cecil1 22:11 22 Jan 2003

Wonderful. It works. Many thanks VoG

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