Speedtouch Modem will not connect to ISP

  danes 23:45 12 Jul 2007

Speedtouch Modem will not connect to ISP

Can anyone help please?. I have an old Win98se PC.When i run the Pipex ISP installation disk--the process goes fine until the end when it tries to connect to the iSP. The USB & ADSL lights flashes green -then USB blinks Red & ADSL goes off--this just repeats itself .

I have updated the USB hub from Microsoft. Removed all other USB devices(printer). Uninstalled ( in Safe Mode)via Device Manager the Speedtouch Modem & done a clean re-install. The Speedtouch Modem appears to have installed OK --but it just wont connect. I have tried to connect using a different ISP ( OneTel) account-and its the same

Hope this make ssome sense to somebody ?
ive now run out of ideas. Any thoughts?

  danes 23:48 12 Jul 2007

I forgot to add that. the connection USED to work Ok and stopped a few weeks back. Pipex sent a new modem -thinking it was that. but ive tested it on another PC and its fine.

im really baffled

  brundle 23:51 12 Jul 2007

Unplug all telephones and other devices and try the connection. Check all your microfilters and cables.

  danes 00:35 13 Jul 2007

Thanks for the reply Brundle

Ive just been to the Speedtouch website and downloaded the latest 330 drivers ( no joy). The problem seems to be with the PC--- because it will not connect to 2 separate ISP's. (Pipex & Onetel)The modems work fine with another PC (running XP). It used to work fine with the 98se PC but suddenly stopped.

Its Win98se / 256mb / AMD chip (not sure about its speed)/

The USB ports work fine with a printer. I just cant see where the problem is

  brundle 12:23 13 Jul 2007

If the modem(s) work and the computer works with the modem(s), the problem is most likely to be the line.
ADSL is only enabled for one provider at a time, you can't connect to two different ISPs on one line.

  danes 17:01 13 Jul 2007

i think it because Pipex does not support win98se anymore

im going to upgrade to XP and see

if i get a solution? --ill post it here

  brundle 17:10 13 Jul 2007

If your modem driver works with the modem the ISP doesn't care what PC you have (even if their blurb says `supports XP/2000` - they mean they won't advise you if you ring them with a problem and say you have Windows 98) - the information to and from your computer is the same in terms of protocol.
Lack of a steady green ADSL light is usually down to a fault in the ADSL signal, either at your home or on the line itself.

  danes 00:43 14 Jul 2007

whats odd ( and is throwing me ) is this

The modem works with another machine (running XP) using the same cables. Ive updated the Speedtouch driver. I phoned the ISP and they were c**P. The young lady who answered asking if i had 98 SPECIAL edition --not a good start. They just read info off crib sheets available on the net. Not worth £00.50p p/m.

I have not put XP on yet but will tomorrow --that going to be my last try. Its heading for the bin after that :)

  ambra4 05:50 14 Jul 2007

From what i read you have the


USB modem is a single PC access ONLY

ASDL + Router is multi-user PC access

4 hard wire and around 254 wireless devices can have Internet access

  danes 09:11 15 Jul 2007

USB>ASDL im refering to the green lights on the front of the Speedtouch Modem.


Even though Pipex claim their are no known problems with Win98se--i did not believe them as my other PC running XP worked fine with the same modem/cables.


I installed XP ( as an upgrade) and it now works just fine :) Whey hay --happiness is here again .

I hope this can help someone else who might face a similar problem.

ambra4--Thanks for your reply --but please don't shout --it makes you look v intemperate :(

  nobbyhigo 15:03 15 Jul 2007

is it possible to run my existing adsl line on Karoo coupled with a router, combined, that i can use for my laptop that is wi fi enabled . at the moment i have a speedtouch modem

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