speedtouch modem

  Hucky 16:05 15 Jun 2007

hi..i have a speedtouch modem for my pipex b band internet,connected to that is a newlink adsl 2+ router for my brothers pc....even though it picks it up on both pc`s in the network connections and is telling me there is a connection, whenever i try to look at any site on line it says that a `page can`t be found`

  Eric10 16:20 15 Jun 2007

If the router is adsl 2+ then it has a modem built in. If that is true then you should remove your Speedtouch modem and connect the router's adsl cable to the microfilter in its place. The router will then need setting up with the Pipex server information or it may have an auto detect feature which will do everything for you except fill in your username and password. I've never had a Newlink router so can't give specific instructions for that.

  Hucky 16:46 15 Jun 2007

so i take out the telephone cable from the speedtouch and put it into the router...then

  Hucky 17:30 15 Jun 2007

i have taken the phone line cable out of the Speedtouch modem and put it into the router...is this right so far?

  Eric10 20:53 15 Jun 2007

Yes that's right. Now logon to the router from one of the computers and either run the Setup Wizard if there is one or manually enter the Pipex details which are available from their website once you have logged in to your account.

From Pipex support pages:
Connection settings if you are using a Router
VCI 38
Encapsulation VC/MUX or VC Based
Protocol PPPoA
Mode G.DMT
Authentication CHAP
Preferred MTU 1500 (or as close to as possible)

Depending on your router, you may not need all of these settings.

  Hucky 09:32 16 Jun 2007

sayin that there is no dial tone when i do that

  Hucky 09:50 16 Jun 2007

got through to the log on page but every time i put my password in it doesnt like it...

  Eric10 10:42 16 Jun 2007

There should be a reset button (usually accessed through a small hole in the back using a paperclip or the tip of a ballpoint pen). This will reset your router to factory defaults and the default password. The procedure for doing this is usually documented in the instructions supplied with the router but may be on a CD if you don't have printed instructions.

The instructions for my Netgear router are to hold in the reset button until the test light comes on (about 10 seconds) then release the button and wait until the router reboots.

I am confused that you say you don't get a dial tone because the adsl is separate from the phone so long as you are connecting to the phone line through the microfilters.

  Hucky 15:48 16 Jun 2007

i can put the user name and password in...then it reboots and displays a page with the user name in...when i put the password in it goes back to the previous page with just the user name again

  Dipso 16:43 16 Jun 2007

What username/password are you using, something like admin/password? Are you using the right case a some routers are case senstive.

  Hucky 17:28 16 Jun 2007

yep...Admin/Admin jus like this...i get to the next page , fill in user name/password and it re boots ok..then a page comes up with my dial up nams but no password...when i do fill it in it goes back to that page again askin me 4 password

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