Speedtouch 536 Password Problem

  numskull 19:25 02 Nov 2006

I have just bought the above seeing as my 530 is now obsolete but many years of good service from it.
Problem is I cannot change the password on the Web interface and end up having to reboot the modem.
I have seen various forums stating:-
Password = blank
Username = Admin, Password = Admin

Even if I try to create and change user (password should be the same as username) nothing happens and I cannot access the Web interface unless I reset to factory default!

Can anyone assist?

  anskyber 19:41 02 Nov 2006

I have the same Speedtouch and I simply got access the short way which is the NAT configuration. click here

  anskyber 19:43 02 Nov 2006

Sorry, re-reading your post I don't think that is what you were asking.

  FreeCell 19:51 02 Nov 2006

Manual says default user is "administrator" and password blank.

My 580 was "admin" and "admin" Other routers I have used have defaults as user = "admin" password = 1234 or 12345.

  baldtaco 02:00 03 Nov 2006

I've never played with the 536 but other Speedtouches I've meddled with have a reset switch on the back. You get at it with a paperclip in the manner you would to eject a stubborn optical drive, save for in this case rather than mechanical force you're depressing a minuscule switch for a 20 seconds [or 'till lights indicate some sort of happening]. Worth a looksie.

  numskull 11:15 13 Nov 2006

Here is Speedtouch Tech Help's solution:-

First of all run a fresh setup without making any changes to the modem security settings
Then proceed by opening a telnet session with the modem (open a CMD prompt on your PC and type: telnet <enter>).

When asked for username type: Administrator
and leave the password blank.

When you are granted access to the modem type: user flush <enter>

All users have now been deleted.

Exit the telnetsession, and re-open the telnetsession.
This time, use no username and password.
Type menu, go to the users menu.

Go to 'add' by using the arrows on your keyboard

Add a new user with the following settings:

name: name of user
Password: password of user
role: SuperUser

The other fields can be left blank.

Then by using the tab-key to select OK <enter>.
Move out of the menu by selecting Cancel (possibly several times).

When you are back at the prompt type: saveall <enter>
You can now close the cmd window.

You will now have enabled the protection on the modem interface.

Not tried it yet though.

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