Speedtouch 330 Modem

  harleyd 14:45 27 Sep 2008

Hi. Wonder if you can help I'm connected to Tiscali Max 8Mbps thru' a Speedtouch 330 modem. My average connection is 3.4-3.5Mbps, I've also done the majority of checks with my ISP, but don't seem to be able to improve on it (the exchange is about a mile away). Would a fresh/better quality modem make any difference? Any assistance would be appreciated

  MarvintheAndroid 14:55 27 Sep 2008

You will find that 8 MBPS is a theoretical maximum, and 3.5 - 4.5 is probably around about all you will get as actual throughput, depending on contention. Changing the modem probably won't make any difference.

You could ask them to get BT to check the line, and follow basic fault finding processes at you end such as plugging directly into the master socket, however more often than not this makes no difference unless there is an actual fault.

Anyway, don't be greedy - some of us only get half of that !! ;)


  harleyd 07:00 28 Sep 2008

Thanks Marv, Looks like the best option is to live with what I've got.

  spuds 17:23 28 Sep 2008

Funny that you should mention the SpeedTouch 330 and Tiscali.

I am with Tiscali and I was supplied with the SpeedTouch 330 and the Sagem [email protected] 800 E2T modems. Upgraded to their 'upto' 8Mb package, and had problems of constant evening disconnections and poor speeds.Fair dues to Tiscali, after I did a bit of moaning they and BT OpenReach came to the rescue.

Tiscali upgraded the drivers on the SpeedTouch 330 but the problems remained, they then send me a new wireless router, tried various sped tests and then arranged a visit from BT. The BT broadband engineer did various checks and eventually supplied a direct broadband masterbox connection to the computer. The final result was no further disconnections, slight increase of speed. Neighbours using Tiscali are averaging 6.5Mb, I was getting between 1.2Mb and 3.5Mb, now I am getting about 4Mb constantly. Both BT and Tiscali now say that I will not better this due to old wiring and possible poor joint connections in the system.The exchange is about 2 miles away.

The neighbours and myself are getting nowhere near the magical 'upto' 8Mb. People on cable are fairing a little or lot better than 6Mb.

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