speedtouch 330 keeps disconnecting (aol)

  mrwoowoo 02:11 09 Jul 2007

The adsl light on my speedtouch modem often just keeps flashing,so obviously i cannot connect to the internet.One of the error messages i get is the computer has not assigned a network address,( when i look in local area connection 3 in network connections).
to complicate matters aol often has the password screen missing where you sign on ,although the other two boxes are there.I have reinstalled aol and my aol modem drivers but the problem persists.
now i am eventually back on line i now have in network connections,
dial up
the internet(1)
wan mini port (atw)

local area connection 3
speedtouch usb adsl (rf)

virtual private network
wan mini port (L2tp)
the top connection has appeared from nowhere and aol normaly says connected when i am online?
I am back online more by luck than judgement but it usually doesn't last.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated as been disconnected for 5 hours today.

  skidzy 06:50 09 Jul 2007

Normally if flashing lights on the 330 means isp problems.

Just for a piece of mind mrwoowoo check with this for any unwanted connections click here

I have the 330 setup in one location and all is needed is the speedtouch connection,though i do not use AOL.

  Stuartli 08:11 09 Jul 2007

Have you also tried the latest 330 drivers, along with the "up to 8MB" patch, from the Thomson website?

click here

  mrwoowoo 16:31 09 Jul 2007

Thanks for your answers.
Don't think it's the modem driver as aol seems to be playing up.Also you have to use aol support drivers for the 330 as the thomson ones won't work with aol.
think i will check my phone bill online just incase.
Going to leave azureus ( bit torrent ) off for a few days to see if this is conflicting.

  Stuartli 16:37 09 Jul 2007

Have you, by any chance, tried the drivers from the AOL website which may be more up to date?

click here

  mrwoowoo 17:19 09 Jul 2007

yes i have downloaded them recently but made no difference.
Might be time to try another isp as aol does seem to need a lot of tinkering and problem solving.

  Stuartli 17:24 09 Jul 2007

My youngest offspring, an IT support specialist with one of the country's biggest employers, once told me that if I ever put AOL on my system I would be entirely on my own afterwards...:-)

Not that I ever would, although Carphone Warehouse has come close to it by taking over AOL (I'm with TalkTalk).

Fortunately, although we now get an AOL style home page, CPW is leaving AOL as it is.

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