Speedtester Results

  A,,W,,B,, 18:58 17 Aug 2011

My com puter has slowed down to a crawl. I contacted Orange who asked me to do a speedtest the results of this are

Download Speed = 32 kbps

Upload Speed = 588 kbps

Can anyone tell me if these are ok?


  Nontek 19:00 17 Aug 2011

VERY VERY poor. What are you supposed be getting?

  A,,W,,B,, 19:02 17 Aug 2011

I think I should be getting 54 Mbps

  Nontek 19:09 17 Aug 2011

Hmm, now that is just the opposite - usually not possible with simple ADSL, I guess you must be using Fibre Optics? Are you sure you have the figure right?

  Nontek 19:12 17 Aug 2011

Take the time to have a good read through this for a better understanding of broadband Speeds.


  Nontek 20:59 17 Aug 2011

Have had a look at O2 Broadband packages, best Speed they appear to offer is Up to 20Mbps, and they call this Superfast!!

So your figure of 54Mbps would appear to be wrong anyway.

I am with BT Infinity and get constant Download speeds in excess of 38Mbps.

  birdface 21:14 17 Aug 2011

If that is your download speed it is very poor.I am surprised that you can connect to the internet with that.

Try this one and give us the speeds with it.


  A,,W,,B,, 07:50 18 Aug 2011

Hi buteman the speeds on this one are

Download = 613kbps

Upload = 316 kbps


  Nontek 07:56 18 Aug 2011

That is still very slow. I would complain strongly to O2, and also get BT to check your line which might have a problem.

  birdface 09:43 18 Aug 2011

Thats a bit better than yesterday but still very poor.

I would follow Nontek's advice.

You contacted Orange, it is not one of those mobile Dongles that you use is it.

  woodchip 11:06 18 Aug 2011

A,,W,,B,, My Upload speed is faster than your Download Speed, I am on 8meg with TalkTalk but it depends on your connection. Just a suggestion turn of your router power for five minutes then turn it back on for it to create a new connection, then try it

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