Speeding up this Computer ??

  russmini 11:57 25 Dec 2005

Ok, so i am at my mom & dads today and his comp is incredibly SLOW, especially on the internet. He is on dial up, but i cant remember mine being this SLOW. Apart from CCleaner, Avast, Diskeeper & some other similar programs to help keep all in check, what else can i do while i am here to get things moving along a little bit faster ?

Running: XP on a not to brilliant spec machine, but should be quicker than this !

Thanks to all that reply on this day of family togetherness, now get off the computer and get back to the annoying KIDS !! HAHA !!


  Belatucadrus 12:27 25 Dec 2005

First step try Microsoft AntiSpyware click here to check for Klingons hogging the bandwidth, then Spywareblaster click here to block them out. Firefox click here to improve browsing, faster than IE and the new page can chunter away in a background tab rather than leave you twiddling your thumbs while it loads. Ashampoo Internet accelerator click here may be worth a try as it claims to work on XP.

Other than that buy them a years broadband as a new year present.

  Totally-braindead 14:20 25 Dec 2005

You say its not a brilliant spec, how fast is the processor and how much memory does it have?

  russmini 16:00 25 Dec 2005

Athlon XP 2400


  VoG II 16:04 25 Dec 2005

That should run fast enough. Is it just the internet that is slow?

  woodchip 16:09 25 Dec 2005

What you do not realise is that Dial-Up can vary quite a lot from one house to the next. This is down to your BT line

  russmini 16:29 25 Dec 2005

Trust me this thing is a lot slower than it should be. I know i've been on Broadband for a long time now, but i know Dial-Up should not be this Slow.

VoG™, not sure on rest of comp, only using internet while i am here, to stop the bordem of telly.

There must be some tweeks i can do while i am here, have not got mags/disks here so can't look at them to help me.


  woodchip 16:35 25 Dec 2005

Test the modem speed with both these icons, just click on one click here

  VoG II 16:37 25 Dec 2005

As woodchip said, dial up can be slow.

Try running some non-internet applications. Do they have Word for example - how long does it take to launch and be usable?

  Freddog™ 16:42 25 Dec 2005

Well I'm using a Sempron 2400 or 2800 with 512mb and it's fast. Although I am on Broadband. *Thinks*. Wait my nan is on Dial-up with a PII 289mb and internet is OK [too bad other things aren't!]

  russmini 16:47 25 Dec 2005

Ok, so that kind of says i'm Wrong......

Tried the first test 3 times and overall not too bad, seems to be about right. The second test tried once cause of the size, again seemed to be adout right !!

Oh Well !!

The Old Man just keeps saying to me, well i dont use it that much, so it does not really matter. My reply was.. I dont blame you at that speed !!

Oh The Joys of Broadband.. I think mines Slow every now & then, perhaps i just need to drop round here once in a while and remind myself what it was like on Dial-Up.

Thanks again, if you have any other suggestions while i am here, tweeks etc please feel free to share them.


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