Speedfan reporting -12v at 0.64v

  keith-236785 12:27 24 May 2004


as the title suggests, i use speedfan 4.08 to monitor my system temperatures, fan speed & voltages. recently i have noticed the -12volt is reported to be at 0.64volts.

anyone know if this means my system is about to pack in?

i also recently had to remove my processor and reseat it but didnt have any new thermal paste. if i play a game now after about ten minutes, my system freezes/crashes/ restarts itself.

i have got around the restarts by lowering the cpu FSB clock speed from 133 to 100 which also lowered the temperature by about 5ºc

these two issues did not start at the same time though, the false reporting was noticed some time after the proc removal/replacement.

i have bought a new Motherboard and will be cleaning the proc, applying new thermal paste and installing in the new motherboard this weekend (also a new case) if it is the motherboard thats at fault i need to know as i plan to sell it, if it is the case power supply then i can get a new one pretty cheap.

either way i dont think it will be an issue after the weekend, but it would still be nice to know if the error reporting is down to the power supply or not

anyone got any ideas?

thanks in advance

  Mikè 12:36 24 May 2004

Speedfans voltage readings are not all that accurate in my experience, what readings do you get in bios? What cpu do you have, and what temp is it running at?

Speedfan tells me my +12v is 9.86, bios reports 12.1v.

  Mikè 12:45 24 May 2004

Meant to say -12v.

  hugh-265156 15:19 24 May 2004

the -12 and -5v rails are not important nowdays i believe.

look at the +12 +3.3 +5v +5standby rails these are the important ones. + or - 5-10% variation is normal also so im told.

  Epocs 15:24 24 May 2004

I think, but could be very wrong as not had a chance to check, that this reading is what the system is drawing off the 12v rail. As I said I am not sure and the readings could just be in-accurate diag software. The best way to test you 12 and 5 supply is to use a voltmeter on the molex connectors, ground it with the center connection and and then measure the remaining connections. I would advise you double check which colour wires going into the molex correspond to ground, 5 and 12 first though.

  keith-236785 23:20 24 May 2004

Thanks for your replies, i hadn't thought to check the bios for the voltages, on checking the -12 volt is reporting -11.393v, thanks to Mikè for pointing me there.

huggyg71, all the other voltages are being reported correctly give or take a little. it was just that -12v that worried me but it seems to be a fault with speedfan.

Epocs, as i said in my post, i am going to sell the mobo so as the bios is reporting things are ok, i will leave it at that. Thanks anyway

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