SpeedCom+ v.92 modem problem

  Uncle Den 17:51 08 Jun 2003

We've bought a Sparkle Technology modem (details below) and I'm trying to install it for Jess in her Compaq Deskpro 2000 with Millennium Windows and a Pentium Pro processor.

Model: MI56AMB
Name: Ambient (INTEL) 56K Internal PCI
Chipset: Ambient (Intel) Controllerless
Description: Ambient Internal PCI 56K
56000 SVD Internal, Voice, Speakerphone

Mod Rate: V.92/K56flex
Transmission: 56K bps or Upgradable6kps
Minimum/Spec: Pentium 166 or above

The card was very difficult to fit physically into the PC and when rebooted nothing worked and we couldn't even get the Windows desktop to start. There is a CD in the box but this seems to do nothing helpful.

Does the "Minimum/Spec: Pentium 166 or above" comply with our Pentium Pro?

Are these rated as good, reliable modems?

Has anybody got any ideas - we are frustrated with trying everything we can think of to make it work and get Jess on the Internet.

  Totally-braindead 17:55 08 Jun 2003

This is exactly the same modem as I have and it works no problem, when you say it was very differcult to fit physically in the PC what do you mean, it should just slot in to a spare PCI slot

  Quiller. 17:58 08 Jun 2003

So is the PCI modem card in the machine or out?

Is the machine booting to windows?

Have you tried putting it in a different PCI slot?

What is the size of the cpu you are using?

If you have the card installed and can boot to windows. Go to device manager and look for the entry of either modem or simple pci communications device. It will probably have a yellow exclamation mark next to it. High light it and delete it.

Reboot the computer with the installation disk handy. When windows starts it will find the new hardware and ask for the drivers. point windows to the drivers. It should work fine now.

  Totally-braindead 18:02 08 Jun 2003

Remove the modem from the PC and reboot it. Switch off and put the modem back, I suggest in a different PCI slot than the one you used before and reboot the system. The operating system should come up "new hardware found" and then you install the drivers from the Cd rom you got with the modem, if I remember rightly the computer will say there are no drivers on the cd, never mind this "browse" for the required driver looking for the driver which meets the spec you've already listed eg intel, 56k ambient, modem and install it and you should be up and away.

  Uncle Den 18:26 08 Jun 2003

We've put it in and pulled it out - shook it all about and put it in again and rebooted - took it out again and rebooted - then put it back - over and over - with all sorts of ideas in between. It's been in and out more times than the cat. I nearly had to force it in with a hammer and began to think it was the wrong size when I first tried - and even when the card could finally be wedged into place, there is a slight showing of the connectors - about 0.5 mm.

When the card is in place, the computer doesn't work at all. Just a blank dark screen and no activity from the hard-drive.

I've had a good look and there is no alternative slot for the card to be relocated.

(Jess was skocked by thinking we were being called Totally-Braindead - until I explained that was only your screenname - then she said, why cant it be shorter!) Anyway, it's nice to know somebody has got one of the same and it is working well. Thank you.

Bsod (Jess thinks you name could be taken to be rather rude) but I appreciate your humour. You ask some very pertinet questions but I think all the answers should now be in the above. I'm not sure where to get the CPU details if they are not mentioned. As I said, with the card in, the PC becomes dead - take the card out and it boots up properly again.

We've been at it since 4 pm yesterday. I'm going mad - and Jess thinks that's very unwise!

  -pops- 18:54 08 Jun 2003

I'm not familiar with the machine but looking at the reviews, it does seem rather on the old side (marketed with Windows 95 as standard, for example) and its capabilities are well below what would nowadays be considered the norm. It may be that the machine is just not able to cope.

It is supplied with a Pentium 166 and that does match the minimum requirement of the modem, yes, but at what cost? The malfunction of everything else?

Sorry to be so pessimistic but I think that only a new computer would do justice to the modem. Indeed, one of the reviews I saw recommends throwing the computer out with the trash and getting a new one.

By the way, BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death - very familiar to users of the Windows O/S below XP.


  Quiller. 22:32 08 Jun 2003

Sorry to hear it is being a bit of a pig.

The fact that you say the machine has a pentium pro processor and is running windows M.E. Should mean that it well capable to take a modem.

The problem inserting the modem is worrying. Is the slot you are trying to put it in white? As PCI slots are usually white. AGP, ISA and modem risers are usually brown, I think. When you say that it will not fit properly, part of it sticks out and when you try to boot it will not. Makes me think that you are either trying to insert it in the wrong slot or the computer being a Compaq, it may need a special modem?

I think I heard that some compaq's are difficult to upgrade. Whether this because of the case or the components I do not know.

Anyway if you can come back and let us know what colour the slot is, we may be able to progress.


Thats me well below X\P lol

  Uncle Den 13:53 03 Jul 2003

The modem went back to the shop and we are now looking for an external one to get Jess on the Net. So, back to the drawing board. HGer PC isn't the latest - we'd like that but it's a question of money. Anyway, thanks to all those who offred help. Much appreciated.

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