Speed on Wireless PC

  scott26985 17:54 25 Aug 2007

I have changed my broadband from 2Mb and Im am now getting up to 6Mb and sometimes 8Mb. However on my wireless PC there seems to be no change to the speed. Downloads still take a long time. (eg 100MB files taking 30 mins sometimes to download.)

I am wondering if maybe my Wireless adapter is just not fast enough. It is USB 54Mbps.

Anyone got any ideas and if I need a new adapter could you recommend one that would get me the fastest speed I can get. Ideally USB. Thanks.

  ambra4 19:29 25 Aug 2007

54Mbps. is the standard wireless transfer speed on all wireless cards

If you want to increase your wireless transfer speed you will have to buy a new ASDL 108Mbps wireless router and a 108Mbps adapter

click here

click here

Please note that the new 108Mbps transfer can cause some strange problems

Read this posting

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  scott26985 21:20 25 Aug 2007

I have just got a BT Home Hub. Not sure what speed those are.

  setecio 21:52 25 Aug 2007

The way to test, yes it'll be a pain with a desktop, but is to move the desktop very close to the router and you should then get almost the full speed ... if you don't something is faulty ... if you do, it is just a range problem and moving to an enhanced wireless system will help but also unload your wallet.

  ambra4 22:17 25 Aug 2007

Go to this site and read all about The BT Home Hub Explored stroll down to Wireless Access Point and you will see the

Actual Speed 54Mbps, which cannot be changed

click here

  Dipso 22:23 25 Aug 2007

Updating your wireless card to a 108Mbps version will not increase your internet download speeds.

Try downloading TCP Optimiser from click here and use it to tweak the settings for your wireless card. Run the program and move the slider to your current connection speed, 6 Meg or whatever, then choose your wireless adapter from the drop down. Click on Optimal settings and reboot the PC.

I have lost count of the number of times this has worked for people having the same problem as you.

  Ashrich 22:39 25 Aug 2007

What type of adapter are you using on the wireless PC , and is this a desktop or laptop you are using . I take it , when you say that the wireless speed hasn't changed you mean the download speed from the Internet , not PC to PC . Try , if you can , to connect the PC via an Ethernet cable and see what the download speeds are then , I suspect that , although it " connects " at 54Mbps the actual network throughput might only be , say , 15 to 20 Mbps , although that is still faster than you broadband speed . Also , update the drivers for your adapter , and access the wireless router settings and tell it to only use 802.11g instead of both b and g and try changing channels to see if you get things better . If using Windows XP , download a copy of Netstumbler and do a site survey to see how many other wireless nets are about and what channels they are using , it will help you to choose your optimum one .


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