Speed Touch ADSL & Dell Conflict

  asw 09:49 20 Jan 2004

I was trying to set uop a friends ADSL system. Dell mini tower running Win98SE & Speed Touch 300 series USB ADSL modem. The software was clunky when it installed, hanging several times and freezing the computer. Then I couldn't uninstall the software and the computer wouldn't re-boot. I had the worrying sight of a black screen and C:\ prompt (haven't seen that for a while). Had to reinstall Win98 from the Dell recovery disk just to get back up & running? Tried a usb mouse in the same port and although win98 recognised it the pointer was frozen? Anybody had these kind of problems/got any suggestions/solutions?

  Forum Editor 10:27 20 Jan 2004

setup - there's nothing in your PC/operating system combination that conflicts with the 300 series modem.

It's very important to run the supplied ADSL modem driver software BEFORE connecting the modem to the computer, and I'm wondering if you did that?

Your comment about the USB port is a little worrying - is there another port you can use? Check to see that the USB controller isn't showing an error - Start/control panel/system/device manager

  gold 47 10:59 20 Jan 2004

I am running a speed touch 300 with AOL on my older dual boot computer haven't had a problem with it on W98 or WXP is your USB showing in device manager? I never use a USB mouse as they don't work in safe mode or after a system recovery
i use a USB mouse via PS/2 with an adapter.What other USB devices are you using as these ADSL modems can pull the power on the USB cards i assume this is what your using and not a stand a lone type.

  asw 11:26 20 Jan 2004

software was installed before connecting the modem. Yes Gold 47, I see where you're coming from on the USB pulling the power from the port. I have installed a spare USB port card just in case that was the problem but the result was the same. I'll check device manager asap. Pluging in the mouse was just to test the USB port and I was alarmed by the freezing of this device as well?

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