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  STAAKER 2000 © 13:38 19 Dec 2007

When i do a broadband speed test on my machine i get the download spead (2mbps)is what it should be, I aso get the UPLOAD speed which is 0.02mbps, Would anyone like to explain what that is and if the speed i get is ok or not.
Thanks, cool yule y'all

  birdface 13:41 19 Dec 2007

Looks like no up-load speed.Is it the same on this one. click here

  birdface 13:44 19 Dec 2007

Sorry read that wrong.I was thinking of KBPS.

  STAAKER 2000 © 13:48 19 Dec 2007

on this one im 2059 kbps down....and 242 kbps up
even more confused but thanks for that link thats a good one that

  birdface 13:56 19 Dec 2007

I take it 2mbps is 2Mb or there abouts.Thats what I am on with Virgin.My upload speed is only 191kbps.So with that speed test that I sent you you should get a download speed of about 1970Kbps.

  STAAKER 2000 © 14:20 19 Dec 2007

i run it a few times always comes up the same average 240 upload anyway the d/load is good im with virgin as well i always get around the 2mps so gettin what i pay for its the upload i dont understand or is it one of these obvious things and its just goin over my head

  birdface 14:43 19 Dec 2007

If you are getting a 240kbps upload you are getting a lot more than me.I usually get about 190 kbps.So I would say you are doing Ok.And getting what you have paid for.

  Stuartli 14:45 19 Dec 2007

An upload speed of 240-242kbps on a 2MB connection is actually excellent...:-)

  Stuartli 14:46 19 Dec 2007

It is represented by your 0.2 figure (it's normally rounded up) or down).

  STAAKER 2000 © 15:37 19 Dec 2007

Thanks to everyone who answered my query

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