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  mun 17:56 03 Aug 2004

Hi, can someone help me with a nagging thought I've had?
I wanted to buy an ASUS motherboard (A7N8X-E Deluxe) which amongst other things comes with 400Mhz front side bar....sounds good to go with some DDR400 RAM-until I looked at the processor I was thinking of buying, an Athlon XP2800 with "bus speed" of 333Mhz. So, am I wasting my time buying DDR400 RAM because a bottleneck may occur with the 333Mhz Athlon chip? Or am i getting my speeds all mixed up??


  duckers 18:22 03 Aug 2004

You can probably get an AMD CPU with a 400MHZ front side bus (FSB) for a few quid more than the 333MHZ version and its probably worth the extra and will fit nicely with your 400mhz mother board and 400mhz ram,, this will allow the CPU and memory to be ran 'synchronously' wich means the CPU and memory bus are operating at the same speed and ones never going to be waiting for the other to transfer data.

  mun 19:14 03 Aug 2004

Thanks duckers,
on inspection of AMD's web site it seems the 2800 does not come with a 400Mhz FSB-only the 3000 (comes in 333 or 400) or the 3200 come with 400Mhz.
Problem I now have is that the supplier I was going to go with don't seem to have the 400Mhz versions!!!! Time to look around again!

Thanks again,

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