Speed up PC!

  HighTower 13:53 28 Feb 2007

It's a Compaq, a Pentium 2.8GHz, 1.5GB RAM, 256Mb Graphics Card, running XP Pro, but as with most PC's after a couple of hours use it begins to crawl rather than fly. Primary uses include Dreamweaver almost constantly, with Photoshop often in there too, and Thunderbird email client with Firefox.

There's not much loads on start-up, it's defragged fairly regularly, the registry is cleaned often and it has mountains of hard disk space free.

So, my options for speeding it up may include:

1) Buy even more RAM (though it only appears to use around 75% of the 1.5GB)
2) Upgrade the processor
3) Reformat the hard disk (again!)
4) Install Linux
5) Buy a Mac
6) Accept that this is what happens and deal with it!

Any comments or opinions would be gratefully received!

  donki 14:03 28 Feb 2007

Ummmmm my pc is on for sumtimes days at a time and i notice very little slowdown... if any. Have u scaned for virus and spyware, i know it seems obvious? I wouldnt accept that this is wot happens. Maybe a new processor as everything else seems spot on.

  Jackcoms 14:11 28 Feb 2007

"but as with most PC's after a couple of hours use it begins to crawl"

Mine doesn't and never has.

Have you disabled unnecessary startup programs/processes via msconfig? click here

  Totally-braindead 14:15 28 Feb 2007

It seems a reasonable setup. I would perhaps see what hard drives you have and see if they can be upgraded though I think its unlikely that that is the problem as you say it slows down over time.
I think if it appears to slow the longer it is one that perhaps some of the RAM is not being released. I have heard of this but have never experienced it so don't know the solution - if there is one.

  Bailey08787 14:15 28 Feb 2007

might be dusty inside the case and need a clean out to prevent overheating

  Batch 14:25 28 Feb 2007

Something amiss on your system. If you're using XP there wouldn't normally be the degradation that you are experiencing (WinME and 98 were a different kettle of fish).

Does a reboot solve, or do you have to shutdown and come back sometime later for problem to go away (so might it be a hardware issue)?

If not hardware, then a reinstall should solve, but painful.

When it starts to crawl, have you looked at Task Manager to see where CPU etc. are going?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 28 Feb 2007

Certainly sounds like either spyware or a memory leak. click here

Are you using Norton?

Old versions of Firefox had this problem with some of the extensions.
Windows Blinds causes memoryleak problems.

Also make sure you have the latest version of Java.

  HighTower 14:51 28 Feb 2007

CPU Usage seems to often be quite high. I'm very rigorous with Antivirus and Spyware checks so am pretty confident that it isn't that. I don't use Norton (I use Avast).

There's frequent access to large files, particularly Photoshop ones, where images up to 150MB are thrown around, although I do have the Photoshop scratch disk on a different physical drive.

Reboots tend to solve the problems, albeit temporarily. I also access network files, so the speed of the network may be an issue in some cases.

Will check out the memory leak theory.

  Batch 14:54 28 Feb 2007

Can't you track the source of the high CPU (with Task Manager or other tools)?

  HighTower 14:57 28 Feb 2007

The Source of the high CPU appears to be "System".

  Bailey08787 15:04 28 Feb 2007

could do worse than run lavasoft's ad aware and spybot search & destroy

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