Speed Up Pages Loading in Mozilla

  @jc 19:11 25 Feb 2005

Not sure if this has been posted before,But i've only just found it,used it and it does make a real differance.

click here

  jimv7 19:22 25 Feb 2005

Go to the extensions download page for firefox and download 'Tweak network settings', does it all for you.

  octal 19:25 25 Feb 2005

There is an extension to do that: click here

  @jc 19:28 25 Feb 2005

Shows how behind the times i am,Thanks

  woodchip 19:33 25 Feb 2005

Never mind. I used it in Dial-Up and it does not seem to hang now. Also my browser is Netscape

  octal 20:14 25 Feb 2005

Don't beat yourself up over it because there are a lot of new comers to Firefox who are not aware of Firefox's facilities, by you highlighting and disscussing them it does help newcomers.

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