Speed up loading of Adobe Reader 6.0

  Pesala 23:10 12 May 2004

I came across this article click here to speed up this slug.

If you have a low-end system, Adobe Reader 6.0 can take 30 seconds of so to load. Removing the splash startup screen helps a great deal. Perhaps this tip will help more.

Has anyone else tried it yet? I will try it and see what results I get, but I need to reboot first. It seems very simple to do and to reverse if it doesn't work well.

  PSF 23:15 12 May 2004

I use that, it greatly reduces the opening time, a pdf will now open in less than 2 seconds.

  powerless 23:15 12 May 2004

There is a program where you can check/uncheck the plugins loaded.

  PSF 23:25 12 May 2004

You can download the program 'Adobe Reader SpeedUp' from:

click here

  Pesala 23:42 12 May 2004

I used my Irfan View tip to save the screen to disk to measure load times. Not precise, but maybe accurate to the nearest second. My system is a 1Ghz AMD Athlon. I already have the splash screen turned off.

Before "Liposuction"

Cold boot 15 seconds Warm boot 4 seconds

A cold boot means the first time Adobe Reader is loaded without any files, a warm boot means the second time it is run, also without any files.

After "liposuction"

Cold boot 10 seconds Warm boot 3 seconds

Thanks to PSF for the program to choose which plugins to load, it seems like a neater solution.

  powerless 23:45 12 May 2004

My adobe nows opens in 2 seconds.

  Pesala 00:16 13 May 2004

I also needed to download and install the Visual Basic runtime modules. On running Speedup, I opted to install the weblink plugin as hot links in PDF files are often useful.

Adobe Reader now refuses to open. I will reboot and try again.

  Pesala 00:34 13 May 2004

The weblink plugin has a dependency on the Escript plugin, so fails to initialise if it is not installed. One must select both, then it works fine.

Cold boot was 12 seconds, warm boot 3 seconds. The weblinks work fine.

  powerless 22:51 26 Sep 2004

...Lost and found.

...and it still works.

  €dstowe 06:53 27 Sep 2004

What are you going to do with all this extra time you have available? Blink? Take a breath?

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