speed increase from an extra hard drive?

  GermfreeUnicycle 20:52 13 Apr 2003

If i added an extra hard drive to my computer would i be likely to see any increase in speed, if for example i had programs on one disk and data and files - eg mp3s or large avi/mpegs on the other?

  Megatyte 21:19 13 Apr 2003

In a word - no. If you don't have much memory then adding extra would boost your performance somewhat.


  GermfreeUnicycle 21:23 13 Apr 2003

i have already got 1GB. What else can i do to improve my computers speed (just cos i am obsessive about getting it to go faster!). I have a 2000+ Athlon with 1GB RAM, 80GB hard disk. Ati Radeon 9000 pro, soundblaster audigy 1, 16X dvd, 40X CD-RW. I just want things to go faster in general. all suggestions welcome. :D


  powerless 21:25 13 Apr 2003

Well if the total size of Mp3s and Avi/MPEGS is in its Gigabytes then i would say you would see a difference.

If there in the Megabytes then no noticable difference.

Theres nothing like a minmum of files on a hard drive. Pile on the files and sapce is took up and performance drops as Windows looks for files.

I'm talking lots and lots of GB's though.

Defragmenting the drive is one way of keeping a drive healthy.

It depends what you are doing though to get a new drive. I mean will you really benefit?

A few extra seconds maybe saved...

I have a 3GB drive with, well, nothing on it.

I had Redhat/Madrake/Strewth and Speedos on it and well they have now gone for now at least.

I'm using XP and told XP to use this drive as Virtual Memory. If anything performance dropped, my settings were probably not configured correctly.

You could do the same.

  Megatyte 21:34 13 Apr 2003

What do you want it to do, fly? ;o)

  GermfreeUnicycle 21:34 13 Apr 2003

sounds interesting using a seperate drive for virtual memory, might try that if i come across a small HD :D

I keep about 20GB of seperate Avis/MPEGs + about 3GB of MP3's on my computer.

Also, i notice when playing some dvds it often skips and pauses. This is v annoying and i want to sort this out. Could this be because of my cheap dvd drive that mesh put in my pc? (LG DRD 8160B 16X)

Cheers in advance


  GermfreeUnicycle 21:35 13 Apr 2003

flying is good!!!


  Megatyte 21:43 13 Apr 2003

Maybe you can make an offer for this when they've finished with it. ;o)

click here


  GermfreeUnicycle 21:47 13 Apr 2003

i heard a rumour it doesn't run xp though, and doesn't come with firewire or usb support. lol

Chris :D

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