Speed fan reading concerns.

  Internetwhizzkid 17:04 30 Nov 2006

i just installed speed fan.

now the readings of the temperatures has given me a concern.

DIMN 51c

Temp 4 51c

CPU 55c

GPU 54c

Now all of them apart from DIMN has a flame next too it, should i be concered? is it a hazard.

It is a laptop

Dell inpiron 6400

80GB Hard drive
1.60 intel centrino duo.

Still under warrenty.


  skidzy 19:22 30 Nov 2006

Internetwhizzkid i also seem to have this problem regarding one of the temps,ive used speedfan on several computers to diagnose possible problems.

Im starting to wonder if its as reliable as it used to be ! as the system thats gives me a high temperture runs perfectly for long periods of time (12 hours continuously)or more.
I have chaged the heatsink,and the psu and i still get this one reading that is high.

If your system is running ok,and no alarm or warnings that you are overheating..i would guess that speedfan is not reading the mobo information correctly as with mine.
This is from my experience using speedfan.

  Totally-braindead 19:45 30 Nov 2006

Compare the readings it gives to the readings in the BIOS and then at least you will know if its reading correctly or not.

  Ashrich 23:08 30 Nov 2006

I must admit I also get some odd readings from Speedfan , although I always think they may be a bit low , my Athlon64 x2 4200 is reading a core temp of 27c at the moment ....


  terryf 23:16 30 Nov 2006

Did you get a utility on your distribution CD for the motherboard that will give you temp readings? Some mobo manufacturers give these out with the mobo, can you find out the make of yours or is it a Dell special? then go to the appropriate mobo mfr website.

  Madscot_uk 23:40 30 Nov 2006

I use speedfan on my pc, the flame appears above 50°C and is nothing to worry about (i read it in the readme) my processor sits at 51°C and i have had no problems with it, that is at 100% load tho, i run [email protected]
As totally said hit del on bootup and have a look in the bios for cpu temp, i find that is usually the most accurate.

  skidzy 00:37 01 Dec 2006

Just checked in the Bios and the cpu and mobo tempertures correspond with Speedfan.However Speedfan shows me another temperture that the bios does not and this is high 68c.
I would call this a false reading,as i have no problems that im aware of.

The only thing i can think of,is Speedfan is reading the speed of the psu fans and the mobo dose not recognise this.
If this is correct,i would hazzard a guess the psu fans need to be slowed down !

Think il leave mine alone,as im not totally convinced with Speedfan anymore.

  Ashrich 18:30 01 Dec 2006

The only problem with reading the bios direct for temps is that the processor is idle , not even running a small part of Windows , it just sits there doing very little with no overheads , Speed Fan is Ok , but I mourn the passing of Motherboard Monitor , now that was really good ...


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