Speed Fan

  chaztait 21:50 08 Oct 2007

Hey i downloaded this programme called speed fan. It can control the speed of your fans on the computer to make it fun quieter. Does my computer have its fans set to automatic or are they always on 100 % until i change it ?

If it is ok to change the speed of the fans what percentage should i put them at, and will the speed up if needed ?


  Technotiger 21:58 08 Oct 2007

If it aint broke, don't fix it.

Speedfan is ok for those who fully understand the data, otherwise personally I don't think it is worth bothering with.

  chaztait 21:59 08 Oct 2007

IT was just to make pc fun quieter ?

  Technotiger 22:06 08 Oct 2007

I assume you mean - run quieter. Fans normally run 100%, unless you change them. If you want to go ahead, fine, but just experiment with gradual minor changes at first - keep an eye on temperatures though!

  chaztait 19:30 10 Oct 2007

hey, i enabled Q fan controller yestarday and a CPU Q fan or something aswell. Does this mean it only goes at the speed that is required to cool it down?

  chaztait 19:34 10 Oct 2007

is there a simple program to monitor your temperature of everything. For example a side bar for vista. I had a look on the windows website but couldnt find any and justnow all i have is cpu usage.


  Technotiger 20:16 10 Oct 2007

PC Wizard is a great program tells you all your temperatures and much more ...

click here

  chaztait 20:23 10 Oct 2007

marg 7. Yes i did notice a difference when i enabled it. But was unsure when one of the temp guages went from 35 to 48 degrees when i put the CPU on ful throttle. But it sould be ok then since you said it adjusts the spped itself and will shut the computer down if too hot, like a fail safe ?

  chaztait 20:30 10 Oct 2007

thanxs technotiger for that link, was usefull. Is it possible to get one for my sidebar in windows vista to run along wh the CPU usage sidebar add on ?

  Technotiger 20:47 10 Oct 2007

One for Vista sidebar - sorry I don't know of one, perhaps someone else might though.

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