Speed of EPSON R300

  TonyV 19:41 21 Mar 2005

I have purchased and installed an EPSON R300 so that it will be easy to get Photos printed with out actually connecting to the Computer. So far I haven't tried it for Photos because in normal mode it is very slow and takes an eternity to load anything up prior to starting to actually print. In draft mode it is very fast, but the quality is so bad that if there is anything in colour (like a web page that has windows shots included), it cannot be seen. If you try and print say instructions for setting software up and it has the instruction windows included in the page, then don't try and print it on draft because it is illegible. I have the latest drivers and software from the EPSON site, but it makes no difference. I have e mailed them about 2-3 weeks ago, but they have failed to answer. I have gone back to them again this evening. The HP 930C I have is far superior and I only ever use the Draft facility unless I need something of presentation quality. It is extremely fast. I am beginning to wonder why I changed! Is there any way that the EPSON can be speed-ed up? Incidentally, I've looked at the various comments/reviews and still maintain that it is not as expected!!

  jack 20:56 21 Mar 2005

What is obsession with speed please?
Even good old PCA marks devices against each other by speed.

The R300 is first and foremost a High quality Photo Printer.

The applications have to 'think' about 6 colours
not four

If you want speed go for a faster printer
It will print your crap photos faster
but the best takes just a little longer.

I have a beat up old Tall1y 9008 laser for black
and I keep my R300 for Best Photos [Keeps the ink costs Down ] and the odd posh letter with a splash of colour.

  PA28 21:10 21 Mar 2005

I use a Canon i865 for photos. It produces top quality A4 photos in less than a minute and a postcard in a few seconds. Having "enjoyed" slower printers with poorer quality (and a particularly tardy Lexmark springs to mind), I can now appreciate this obsession with speed!!!

  wiz-king 21:52 21 Mar 2005

It depends a lot on you PC, usb printers always seem slower tham parallel port printers, and they seem to require more memory. Unless you have lots of ram it is working on virtual memory on the disk and that can be slow.

  TonyV 22:38 21 Mar 2005

Thanks for your comments. It is interesting that to get progress and move to USB, you now have to sacrifice other things. That's progress? It is also interesting that on the R300, the ink levels all go down at the same rate. Even though the greater amount of printing I have done on it have been black. Logically, I would have thought that the black cartridge would have used far more ink than the coloured ones. Again, maybe logic plays no part in this!! Regarding speed, every one wants the units to print pages at the fastest rate with legible output. Not an unreasonable requirement I would have thought.

  PA28 08:42 22 Mar 2005

My i865 is USB. No downside that I have noticed and setup is very much easier than parallel.

  JonnyTub 08:46 22 Mar 2005

Not sure about this because i've never used an epson before, but the reason all your coloured inks might be going down in sync is that the printer may be set to use the colour cartridges to print the colour black (text for example) rather than the black cartridge, which might also explain why it's taking an age.

  jack 09:02 22 Mar 2005

Were moving around a lot here.
one topic at a time.
Speed as discussed. A lot of processing for colour
needed so lots of memory, or a bigger scratch disk
setting. USB is slower than parrallel also.
Off computer printing. I guess the processing capabilitiy in the printer in stand alone mode is minicule campared with the computer - although i hgave never tried it on mine , because the printer will only deliver what is on the card with out the
advantage if modifications an image editor offer.

Ink levels- in my R300 the level do vary - but as it has little to do with actual ink guess and more to do with a guessimate based on sheets of paper passed by the printer, - I guess like a one armed bandit pushing the button does not affect the spin of wheels.
Also as hasbeen discussed before. 'Black only'
printing does use colour. Take a magnifiingglas to a print some time.

  LAP 11:18 22 Mar 2005

We run Epson 200 & 300 and we are more than satisfied with quality and speed on all settings.Re speed, suggest if there is nothing wrong with your printer look else where. Perhaps one of the computer boffins would suggest your computer may be the problem.

  Maverick81 11:35 22 Mar 2005

What exactly are you trying to print ? if it is a 55mb bmp its going to take a while when you consider your printer probably has a buffer smaller than one 1mb

Print speed will also depend on the coverage on the page and the colours used, a sheet of paper with just the colour blue on it will print quicker than a picture with thousands of colours on it.

  TonyV 12:44 22 Mar 2005

The only things I am printing are simple sheets, i.e. letters the odd simple spreadsheet and the like. Nothing of any magnitude. If I print a Web page, it is a selective print exercise. So there are no megabyte documents being printed. There are no real occasions where there are a multitude of colours except as mentioned above regarding instruction windows. (I haven't even tried to print a photo yet.

Regarding the overall speed problem, this morning I actually heard from EPSON and in their response they said they had attached instructions to the e mail to create a new spool folder that may increase the speed. There was no attachment!! I now await there next response.

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