Speed and connection problems with thomson TG585

  roberts123 15:45 23 Jun 2009

I recently upgraded my internet with Tiscali after my old router broke so I could get a new one. The Thomson TG585 router came and I set it up step by step as the disk said but I am for some reason getting dial-up speeds instead of the 8meg broadband I was meant to get, I know that nobody gets the advertised speeds but this is beyond a joke. I usually connect wirelessly with my belkin access point and it is quite far from the modem so this explains the weak connection but even when I am connected by a short Ethernet cable it is still at dial up speeds. I have tried everything I can or am prepared to do without instructions like changing registry settings, I have used XP Smoker and PC Pitstop to try and speed it up but these have both failed and I have phoned the tiscali technical support three times and they were less than helpful, can anybody help me? Does anybody know any ways I could speed it up and does anybosy know what is at fault with it?

  woodchip 16:09 23 Jun 2009

You could try running TCPOptimizer.exe click here

  roberts123 16:39 23 Jun 2009

I have just tried that but it has had no change, I think that may be because I have already ran 2 optimizers but thanks for the help

  woodchip 18:16 23 Jun 2009

Then its either a Server Problem or BT, you should tell tiscali that its no good and if they want you to stick with them, they will have to get there thumb out

  woodchip 18:22 23 Jun 2009

If it is you do not deed drivers or CD to set it up. This may be your underline Problem. As can go direct into setup Page on a Router as I have just posted using a Web browser to enter the Setup Page. All you need is the Correct Address like for mine its with http:// in front of it, but I have done it this way so the PCA does not change it to a Click Hear link. After entering setup page you only need your Password and User Name plus the ISP name I think that will be with the Password or User Name

  roberts123 21:08 23 Jun 2009

I have been on the page for the router and all the settings are as they should be as far as I can see, I think you found the problem with the server problems and unfortunately I have just signed up to a 12 month contract with them and am now out of the 10 day time frame to quit; this would have been a problem I could have avoided if they had decent technical support so this doesn't really seem fair.

  woodchip 22:35 23 Jun 2009

you can still quite if they are not delivering the goods. That's what Consumer Protection is for

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