speed of connection difference

  Blubottle 11:02 30 May 2009

I have installed a wireless netgear router type DG834G I have my main desktop connected by an ethernet cable and my daughter's Dell laptop connects wirelessly via a plug in wireless adapter.
my connect speed is indicated is 100.0 Mbps but the laptop connects at 24 Mbps. why is this ?.

  Taff™ 12:20 30 May 2009

Put simply the cable connection is capable of a maximum 100 Mbps and the wireless side only 54 Mbps which is reduced by the signal strength, distance from the router to 24 Mbps.

  Batch 17:21 30 May 2009

Also, don't confuse the speed of your broadband connection (between the router and the exchange) with the speed of the connections between your PCs and the router. In simple terms, for Internet purposes it is the former that is relevant as long as the latter meets or exceeds the speed of the former.

The speed of the connections between your PCs and the router will only really matter if you are moving things between the two PCs.

  Blubottle 12:30 31 May 2009

many thanks both,
Batch, I think I got that

  woodchip 13:55 31 May 2009

Download the First File on this page and run it on the Laptop, I had the same problem on my HP Laptop it doubled the Download Speed click here


  Batch 14:22 31 May 2009

Blubottle - I'll try to put it another way.

Your router, your desktop and your daughter's lappie constitute a Local Area Network (LAN) and connect at typical LAN speeds (e.g. 100mbps for cabled and up to 54mbps for wireless - subject to distance and signal quality). So transfers between them run at the speed of the slowest component involved.

It is the router's modem that is actually connected to the Internet and that will not be at such high speed (unless you already have superfast broadband, but I'm not sure the DG834G even supports that anyhow). Let's say, maybe, up to 8mbps.

So even if you are using the desktop to access the Internet, although it is connected to the router at 100mbps, the Internet access, as seen by your desktop, will never exceed 8mbps (or whatever your broadband speed is).

But if you copy a file from your desktop to the lappie, it will go at up to 54mbps (but probably only 24mbps as that seems to be what you are getting for the lappie).

  Blubottle 14:59 31 May 2009

Again Many thanks, I'm slowly getting it.
This subject has only arisen since I got rid of my USB modem and installed the router to accomodate my daughters laptop.the internet connect speed dropped from 2.2 meg to 1 meg virtually instantly,I put up with this untill two day's ago when I questioned my ISP (plusnet) about the speed drop,to be honest they can't seem to explain it to me except that my exchange probably lowered the speed to improve stability. When I swapped ISP's from Pipex to Plusnet the connect speed quadrupled instantly from 576kb to 2.6 meg after about 10 days it settled down to 2.2 meg and remained so for months untill I changed my BB package with them.

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