Speed Camera detectors

  realist 19:18 28 Nov 2006

Are these a worthwhile motoring accessory, or do they just make it more likely you'll have your car broken into?

  realist 19:19 28 Nov 2006

Sorry posted in wrong room... no doubt I'll be "moved"!

  sunny staines 19:58 28 Nov 2006

use the ones on a tomtom sat nav, they are removable.

  Flying Teddy 20:03 28 Nov 2006

There's an easy solution: don't break the speed limit.

I'll get my coat....

  birdface 20:37 28 Nov 2006

If you drive for a living, They are a must, When speed cameras are used,they say they do it to stop accidents,They lie, They do it for the revenue that it brings in,Either AA or Rac Or one the other big orginisations said that Instead of stopping accidents,That they cause more,Why do you think that they are trying to stop the use of Speed Camera Detectors,They slow you down when you are going to fast, Is that not the right thing to do, But the Police want to ban them, Why, Because there revenue is falling,I may be a bit out with this, but as far as I understand it , Is that each local police force,Keeps all or most of the fines payable.And you can be assured comming up for Xmas they will be out there in force,Without their red suits on,So make sure you are not one of those that said, I wish I had bought one, When you are in paying your fine,

  chocolate cake 21:07 28 Nov 2006

I've been driving for around 24 years. Touch wood but, I've not ben caught on camera yet. Were I to have 'invested' 24 years ago I would be slinging it by now.

  oldbeefer2 22:24 28 Nov 2006

I'm always careful about speed limits, but got caught on an unfamiliar road when the limit changed from 40 to 30. I saw the van, checked my speed as 39 and assumed I would be OK. Fixed penalty through the letterbox a week later. Constabulary immune to my 'plea in mitigation'. Have now bought a Roadangel as insurance against a similar slip on my part.

  woodchip 22:42 28 Nov 2006

GPS and laser will not catch them all as they are now using Embedded cables with Camera on a pole. But it may save you on most. Laser are Illegal. GPS camera is not

  terryf 22:45 28 Nov 2006

If the cameras are supposed to save lives, why do they hide them or put them over the brow of a hill like one at the end of a dual carriageway between Dorchester and Bridport where the road actually widens at the end of the dual carriageway.

  rsinbad 23:01 28 Nov 2006

There's one where i live totally obscured by a tree and leaves towards the bottom of a hill, going uphill its quite plain to see, quite a few people have been caught out by this.

I dont suppose its on its own so yes so yes its a good idea to have some warning even if you are a carefull driver wouldn't be without my Tom Tom.

  Ikelos 23:12 28 Nov 2006

the radar detector type are to be made illegal, not that will stop them being sold, in fact you can get them that fit under the bonnet, so they can not be seen, I have the tom-tom, but of course they have to be updated, whereas my radar detector does not, they both work well..

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