Speech recognition software

  DIYgirl 15:50 17 Jan 2004

I have Dragon Naturally Speaking 6, but find that it grinds along very slowly. Despite doing all the training on it, and some more besides, I cannot get it up to an acceptible speed. This is probably because I am using it on my ancient Dell computer, which is not worth upgrading (previous posts have discussed this).

I am considering getting a new PC in a few months, when I have earned a bit more money. I'm still not sure yet. But I am interested in how well anyone else gets on with speech recognition software, and what current favourite programs are. How many words a minute can you dictate at, given a quiet room and lots of training? What sort of accuracy do you get? And is it easy to use, or do you have to talk like a robot?

I just wish there was handwriting recognition software available now. I write my fiction long-hand, then have to type it up, which takes me a long, long time and is really tedious. If only I could just scan it in. Unfortunately, I have so much trouble reading my own writing that I can't imagine a computer ever managing to read it at all!

Anyway, thank you for your advice which will, I am sure, be helpful.

  Chegs ® 15:57 17 Jan 2004

I have used ViaVoice and DNS.Once trained,they both produced very accurate results.At nite,once the kids/TV have departed,I get 99% accuracy,only needing corrected where my pronuciation of words(in dialect) can cause errors.

Handwriting recognition:(Abby FineReader,etc)I have used a couple of OCR progs,and these produced pretty poor results,but the handwriting was rubbish anyway. :-)

  Belatucadrus 16:04 17 Jan 2004

I've tried IBM & Dragon and gave up on both, horrible experience. I understand that the latest versions are a great improvement, but I'd rather type than talk to a PC.

As to the handwriting recognition software, it does exist, mainly geared for PDAs, but the new Tablet PCs click here have something similar. Rather an expensive option, but if you're upgrading and you want handwriting recognition, worth checking out.

  kjrider 17:07 17 Jan 2004

I used to demo dragon and via voice, some while back. Both are good, but I think Via Voice had the edge.

With todays faster PCs, more ram, should all work fine.


  Sheila-214876 17:41 17 Jan 2004

I'll do some typing for you if you want to fax me some pages???? I did try Dragon a long time ago but as I can type at 70wpm I much prefer typing than talking. email me if you are interested. No charges. I like typing and it also helps to keep my speed up to scratch.

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