Specs required for self build pc for business.

  hssutton 11:14 18 Aug 2005

over the years I have built a number of high spec PCs for my photographic work, but now require to build a PC for business, which will mainly be running MS Office, Sage and Desktop publishing.

Could anyone give me some suitable specs for such a machine.

Many thanks

  Diemmess 12:39 18 Aug 2005

"Desktop publishing." is a variable factor, otherwise you could find the lower specifications are all you need........ Photoshop and all that involves, doesn't need more than a "roomy friendly PC"

Go for underloaded, quality hardware and ideally W2K, or XP if you must, just to avoid "difficult" drivers.

512 Mb of Ram will smooth having several applications open at once, but outright speed as such is unlikely to give discernable benetfit over something quite modest.

A really adequate PSC and choice of case/design to give best cooling. Video card - Provided it will support the highest resolutions and best colour setting does not have to be very elaborate or expensive.

Presumably others will have to use this PC, so include a decent keyboard and a mouse of the main user's choice. Personally I favour having lots of USB ports available.

Avoid gizmos and innovations for this workhorse, remember "If you don't put it in, it can't break and it costs you nothing!"

  Diemmess 12:41 18 Aug 2005

Error! - for PSC I meant PSU ....

  961 16:28 18 Aug 2005

I'd consider something along the lines of Novatech MBB-SP7285 motherboard bundle

Basically any computer with a modern processor will run the sort of things you are after without turning a hair. Socket 754 mobos are cheaper than the latest 939 jobs. Get a system with an AGP slot and buy a cheap video card

Semperon 2600 is fine and cheap

  hssutton 18:29 18 Aug 2005

Many thanks guys, will look at the Novatech offering, now all I need is somewhere to purchase the software without spending a small fortune.

  Stuartli 18:46 18 Aug 2005

Some of my best mate's business computer still has several DOS programs loaded and used on a regular basis as he's found nothing better to date for some aspects of his requirements.

Once we had established that the Y2K "bug" would not affect the software, which was first acquired in the late 1980s, it was decided to retain it.

I still use it at least once a week to keep certain records up to date.

The backup, originally done on a floppy until four or five years ago, is stored on a CF card (refreshed each backup) using an internal CF card adapter which fits in the second floppy drive bay...:-)

  Diemmess 18:50 18 Aug 2005

Glad you see the point about a mid-range stable machine in preference to one with every sort of premium device at a premium price.

Two other thoughts since it is to be a businees machine.

1. Have assumed the new PC will not be networked, if I'm wrong then it would help to consider this aspect in choosing the motherboad.

2. How about spending some of the money 'saved' with either a caddy for a second HD to keep backups separately away from the computer or an external USB HD?

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