Special characters I need in a posting.

  Wilham 14:54 29 Nov 2009

Sometimes subjects like The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change now need reference to the calculus,- a branch which could be loosely called the mathematics of change. Most people looking it up in texts are put off by the complexity of the Leibnitz notation. What they see is a ontrast to the sheer simplicity of Newton's own, instantly understandable way of writing it down.

To say more on this in a Speakers' Corner posting I need to print an x with a dot over the top, also an x with two dots over the top like a German umlaut, preferably with the dots same boldness as the first.

I found instruction on how to do it in my Mathematica 5 by Wolfram. It says this...

Expression form Overdot is made by key sequence x\&. used inside \!\( ...\).

I try for an x with a dot on top and in notepad it prints as \!\(x\&.\)

and not x under a dot. The funny character is an ampersand.

Is notepad a valid place to check the appearance of my forum printout?
Where with Wolfram have I gone wrong?
Is there an easier way to print x overdot and matching double-dot?

(For anyone curious they are called Newton's fluxions.)
Thanks for any advice. W

  Sea Urchin 15:12 29 Nov 2009

? ? ? ?

If you mean like this then select from the character map (Programs - Accessories - System Tools)

  Sea Urchin 15:12 29 Nov 2009

Sorry - doesn't post to the forum

  bremner 15:14 29 Nov 2009

click here to understand how to add unicode in Word.

X with dot is Alt+1E8A can't find any reference to x umlaut though

  Wilham 17:17 29 Nov 2009

Sea Urchin. That's why I wondered about notepad. But thanks.

bremner. Your link is useful. It mentions limits of applicable fonts between utilities, including notepad. So how can I check what what my post will look like before sending it? In particular, does Word offer an exact preview of PCA forum?

Thank you again for that link. W

  Wilham 19:44 02 Dec 2009

The answer appears to be there's no quick and easy way to do it all. Thankyou for the feedback and looking at the problem. W

  John B 20:14 02 Dec 2009

from click here the 'x 2dots' appears correctly in Word (2007) but not in notepad; not for me anyway!

  John B 20:17 02 Dec 2009

Not sure if this is helpful mind!

  Wilham 21:11 02 Dec 2009

John B
The key to my questions must be to find a sketchpad that reproduces fonts the same as the forum. Greek lower case rho is another character that ought to appear in the mathematics of climate change.

I know it sounds bonkers to contradict world leaders on carbon footprint and such, but I had a huge fillip from today's D. Tel. p23 where I read Charles Moore's review of Lord Nigel Lawson's book 'Saving the Planet'

Thanks John. W

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