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  technique 19:51 14 Jan 2005

What is the easiest way to have my PC sited in a corner of a room, but to still be able to use the monitor, keyboard and mouse without having to site them all on a bulky desk? (I don't really want a laptop at this time). Ideally I'd like to be able to just wheel out the monitor whenever I need to use the PC but have the CPU tucked away in the corner. I know I can have an infared keyboard and mouse but they work on line of sight (I think) and I was hoping for something better so I can move around the room without having to stay in range.

Will Bluetooth technology help? Is there such a thing as bloothoth monitors?

  Androcles 20:30 14 Jan 2005

Have a read of this! Ouch! Regards.

  Irishman 20:49 14 Jan 2005

Read of what?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:52 14 Jan 2005

I've not heard of wireless monitors. Long cables may be your answer.

  Irishman 20:52 14 Jan 2005

A bluetooth keyboard and mouse would be your best bet. Logitech make these.But the range isn't great. Have a search on Maplin for an extension lead between your monitor and graphics connector. Might be under VGA.

  Graham ® 20:57 14 Jan 2005

Wireless keyboard and mouse:

click here

Radio, not infrared!

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