Spec says 256DDR RAM-but...

  Miss Happy 01:24 30 Apr 2005

The specification for the Medion Mid2030 or 95319 is meant to be 256 DDR RAM, however, on the System Properties> Geneal tab it says '192 MD of RAM' (yes, it does say 'MD'). Surely it should say the full 256 or has some gone AWOL? I have always had the total amount recorded on all other PCs I have had, it seems a bit strange for 64 MB to not be included.

  Diodorus Siculus 06:31 30 Apr 2005

Sounds like the extra 64 mb are taken ub by the onboard graphics. If you have a dedicated graphics card, then you do have a problem! I assume that you have only one chip? If two, then there is a possibility that one is only 63.

  Miss Happy 11:55 30 Apr 2005

I asked re 'AWOL' RAM because the laptop (notebook) fan is extremly noisy and only spends a few seconds off before it comes back on.
The graphics are: SiS M661FX shared memory graphic chipset - thats what the spec says(Does it share the DDR RAM? If it's a 64mb card then perhaps thats where the RAMs have gone!)
There is 256 MB RAM-RAM memory written on the box spec, I have just realise that it is entered wrong on notebook 'MD' RAM.
The notebook is an Intel Celeron processor 2.66MHz.
The minimum amount of RAM (& thats without the SP2 this version of XP has already installed), recommended is 256Meg?
The fan hardly ever comes on with 5 year old Toshiba Sat'2100CDS that I upgraded to a total of 160RAM for W98 SE.
The noise from new machine is dreadful, my husband shouts at me for me to be able to hear him and I dont see how we can use it for entertainment DVD's because the noise would drown out any sound - 16 bit stereo & 2x speakers built in.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:40 30 Apr 2005

The old toshiba will run much cooler than the new one, hence the fan coming on less.

Try some compressed air to blow out any "fluff" ect blocking vents.

  Miss Happy 22:05 30 Apr 2005

Thanks Diodorus Siculus. I had a local PC tech listen to it. He advised me and he said the fan should not be on most of the time when the notebook is idle, he also said it seems extremly loud.
No'fluff' should be blocking vents as it's a new machine - one thats gone back. I have heard a bit of fluff lately speaking to techs that should know better!
Machine has gone back to shop and a full refund given after a bit of a fuss. The noise was driving us crazy.

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