Spec help for kids PC

  madlizzy66 05:49 19 Feb 2005

I am looking to get a second PC for my son (8yrs). I intend that he uses it for educational software and using the internet on broadband. I would need a wireless connection.I suspect he is going to blossom into an avid gamer!!!!

I have seen a local shop with refurbished PCs offering Dell PII 300+, 64-128 mb RAM, 6GB, disc, 15" monitor, floppy, modem, sound,USB for £175.

As my sons needs will grow, would this type of spec be suitable or would I be better looking at a)the PC Advisor best buy budgets for £500
b) having a base unit built to a set spec level. If so, what spec would be good?

Mad Lizzy

  harps1h 07:38 19 Feb 2005

i would suggest thet you look at at least £500 for a setup that will be sufficient for your sons immediate needs. don't even consider that p11 it's about 6 years out of date

  961 10:07 19 Feb 2005

I would suggest looking at Dell special offers on the net or in the sunday press

You should get something like a Dell Dimension 3000 with Pentium 4 processor for around £400 with years warranty which would be a much better proposition

The desktop range starts around £250 but the one described is up to date, perfectly adequate for what you want, and should last well

The refurbished one is not a good buy in comparison

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:15 19 Feb 2005

One of the Dells currently advertised will be ideal, however I know 2 people in the village that ordered Dells for delivery on December 20th ......and they are still waiting.

The choice is yours but if you can stretch to £400-£500 I would be off to PCW pronto. They have a good range of computers at that price and you can buy them offthe shelf just don't accept their offers of AV/firewall, surge protector and 3yrs warranty.


  Belatucadrus 11:07 19 Feb 2005

click here&
makes the Dell refurb look somewhat less of a bargain, though you will need to add a monitor. If you need any software for it click here

  madlizzy66 12:33 19 Feb 2005

Thanks a lot. The links from Belatucadrus were really helpful

  wallbash 14:26 19 Feb 2005

The son is now eight ! Wots he going to use the computer for. Simple word proccesing , even simpler graphics. With his own machine , will keep off Dad's . Grab the cheapest one going . £175 (or possible, get one even cheaper) Junior schools are full of out of date machines, his one at home will at least be as good or better than the school. Where hopefully he will get some IT lessons.

If he wants games , buy a play station.

When he is a bit older, give him yours, this enables you to buy the machine you want with a clear conscience. With careful planning over the next few years , you will have a ready market for your 'old' machine and warm glow when you upgrade.

ps . I am a father of 2

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