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  Beavis69 00:19 14 Jun 2007

I’m in the market for a laptop.

I’m looking to buy a pc and customise it. I’m going to increase the RAM to 2GB and the screen resolution to 1920 x 1200, but was wondering about the speed?

As I’m not a gamer, is there a benefit to me increasing the AMD 64 processor from 1.8 to 2.4GHz?

Also, with regard to the hard drive, I can have two speeds, 5400 + 7200 RPM SATA. Will there be a marked improvement if I choose 7200? All I intend to use the machine for is a bit of ms office, the odd dvd and a bit of surfing.

Many thanks.

  C3 02:03 14 Jun 2007

Increasing the processor would make things a little faster, but it's not that essential. The RAM increase is fine, but you won't notice a huge amount of difference between 1gb and 2gb (I'm assuming you'll be running XP. If you want to run Vista, then go for the highest spec you can!)

As for Hard Drives. 7200rpm is a marked improvement on 5400rpm.

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