speakers picking up talking (radio?)

  jonah177 22:29 17 Jan 2006

We recently installed some logitech 5.1 speakers on our dell, but the computer is now talking to us! It's a foreign language, and seems to fade in/out when you adjust the volume. We are on broadband, but don't have the internet open all day. Are we picking up a radio station? We didn't notice it happening with the old pc speakers. Can anyone help?

  woodchip 22:42 17 Jan 2006

Something connected or in the Computer is picking up Radio Frequencies. It is some sort of coil that does this, that the coils turns coincide with a Chanel. May be a Mic etc. The Speakers only amplify what the sound card is picking up

  jonah177 22:58 17 Jan 2006

hi woodchip
thanks for your reply. we do have a mic plugged in the front. if you know how to stop it please let me know. i'll try unplugging the mic.
many thanks

  woodchip 23:04 17 Jan 2006

If it is the Mic you can only try a different one.

  rmcqua 23:06 17 Jan 2006

Try getting hold of some ferrite rings (local Maplin electronics or other component store) and install them over the speaker leads as close to the PC as possible. If you can't get rings, small ferrite rods weill do with the wires wrapped around them a few times. That might fix it (prevents any RF which is being picked up by the speaker wiring from being fed through to the amp and being amplified there). You may need some rings at the speaker end of the wires too.

  woodchip 23:13 17 Jan 2006

They are no good on speakers, Read as above. once it's got into the sound card it amplifys it you have to stop it before it gets to the sound card.

  jonah177 00:02 18 Jan 2006

thanks for all the feedback. will try the route of the mic. wish i was techno minded like you guys!


  ashdav 00:13 18 Jan 2006

Sounds like you are picking up shortwave or mediumwave broadcasts.
Try wrapping the mic lead a few turns around a big nail (I know it sounds daft).
If this doesn't work email me and I'll send you something which should cure it.

  octal 07:16 18 Jan 2006

I take it your logitech 5.1 speakers are self powered? In other words they have an adaptor that plugs in the mains? If they are try the following:

Disconnect the speakers from the computer, plug the adaptor in and see if you can hear the voices.

If this is OK, remove all peripherals from the sound card like microphones, headsets etc, leave the computer off and plug the speakers back into the sound card and switch the speakers on, again check for voices.

If no voices are heard, now switch the computer on, check for voices.

If none are heard, start plugging peripherals back into the computer one at a time, all the time listening for those voices.

At any stage trying the above and you hear the voices come back and tell us.

One last question, what part of the country do you live in? The reason I ask is if you live around Ludlow you are close to the high power shortwave transmitters at Woofferton, if you live in the east Essex/Suffolk area you are close to the high power medium wave BBC world service transmitter at Orfordness, so you maybe picking up their transmitters.

  rmcqua 08:55 18 Jan 2006

The source of the RF may be the speaker leads. Mic leads don't usually pick up RF because they are screened, whereas speaker leads are not.
I believe it's worth a try.

  jonah177 15:27 18 Jan 2006

I think I may be busy this weekend playing with pc wires!!
I will try a proccess of elimination (or more likely the other half will!)
We live in the Medway area (southeast)so I don't know if there are transmitters around here. Funny we never heard it with the old pc speakers.
Allelujah for forums, you get a lot more help than going down your local pc superstore!!!

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