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  SpyMan {:o)){--< 23:38 16 Dec 2004

I am well into my music and this is the main use of my computer. I have creative 7.1 surround sound speakers at the moment with a creatice surround sound card too but i want better...

I am constantly disappointed with the output of not only my own music but of original music such as that from CD's etc

I would like to be able to turn put some music on and people say..."god damn it Graham...turn it down, its far too loud!!"...instead of..."its a bit distorted....turn it down, your speakers are knackered!!"

I am not too fussy about surround sound although that would be a bonus...

Am i stuck to computer speakers or is there a way i can use speakers that are made for Hi-Fi's that maybe i can plug in some how as i can pick these up dirt cheap from richer sounds.

What do you think??



  SpyMan {:o)){--< 07:26 17 Dec 2004


  Philwane 08:11 17 Dec 2004

Plug your computer output into a Hi-Fi amp and use some speakers with some clout if you want surround sound use two Hi Fi amps

  Graham ® 10:24 17 Dec 2004

Speakers Corner? Couldn't resist!

What are the output characteristics of the sound card in terms of impedance (ohms) and power (watts). It should be possible to match these to Hi-Fi speakers, but I suspect the power output available would not be sufficient to drive them hard enough.

Then you would need to take line outputs and feed those into separate amps, as Philwane says. It will be the bass (lower) frequencies that need the most power.

  Stuartli 11:58 17 Dec 2004

Have you also checked out the computer speaker systems made by famed US hi-fi speaker companies Altec Lansing and Harmon Kardon?

Scan of Bolton stocks the Altec Lansing speakers (click here) and often reduces the price on its TodayOnly page; it used to feature the Harmon Kardon models at one time.

  Spanglish 12:16 17 Dec 2004

As Stuartli says I can recommend the Altec Lansings which if you want clout AND quality are just the thing.I have the ADA885 and I work on the 1st floor of a building with concrete floors and have been told to 'behave'by the ground floor staff due to the volume.

  paddyjack 12:23 17 Dec 2004

Had a word with my son who is a dj and produces on the comp, he said HIFI not realy worth it. He recomends as a minimum Event TR5 but they cost the better part of £300.

But have a look on click here

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