cheeki 20:40 06 Jul 2007

i have my pc upstairs whats the best way to wire them so i can have sound downstairs.

  umbongo(uk) 20:46 06 Jul 2007

an audio extension cable
male and female ends so the speakers can plug into the down stairs
click here
the example in the link is to give you an idea on the connecters you need just google for longer connecters or you could build your own
or wireless speakers :)

  cheeki 20:58 06 Jul 2007

thanks umbongo(uk)would i still be able to use my external speakers on my pc upstairs.

  baldtaco 03:47 07 Jul 2007

For best results you want a long run of cable to your amp, and short lengths of cable from amp to speakers.

  cheeki 10:35 07 Jul 2007

thanks baldtaco,but do i have to have the amp.

  crosstrainer 10:49 07 Jul 2007

The wireless opclick here to avoid all the cables Lots of others available too.

  umbongo(uk) 11:20 07 Jul 2007

you will need a jack in plug with 2 sockets like the female end on the extension to go in the green socket on the back or you could plug the speakers in the headphone jack on the computer for upstairs sound

  Stuartli 14:48 07 Jul 2007

I think umbongo(uk) means one of these adapters (I use one on my system):

click here

It enables me to switch between a headset with mike and my speakers (just turn off the sound from whichever device is not being used).

  umbongo(uk) 17:22 07 Jul 2007

yeah Stuartli one of them

  baldtaco 19:00 07 Jul 2007

cheeki, hey

“thanks baldtaco,but do i have to have the amp”

That depends on exactly what you meant by “the best way”.

On one hand you can go the lifestyle product route, dump the amp, and keep cables to a minimum. The way to do this is with “active speakers”. Active speakers have their amplification built in. You'll most likely be familiar with these in the form of “computer speakers”, although if you jump to the opposite end of the quality spectrum there are some decent HI-FI quality ones, but be prepared to shell out £s. If you're not particularly concerned by quality, visceral bass, sweet treble, and so on, download low quality mp3 or bunch your own rips up as space is at a premium for you, this is probably the way to go.

If you want [i]best[/i] in terms of sound quality, are fastidious about mp3 or like me use the Main Concept H.264 mp4 encoder, you do better to consider the computer like a HI-FI front end. As such the external amp becomes a necessary heart of the system. How far you go with that before diminishing returns kicks in is quite subjective. Compared to a dedicated stand alone front end your computer is a noisy environment, so you'd not likely be wanting to invest the same amount in the amplification as you would for other sources. Having said that, sound cards have come a very long way, and I've had very pleasing results using amps around the £500 mark. You don't need to spend anywhere near that much though. There a plenty enough decent beer budget jobbies around that would do you a sterling service if teamed with proper speakers. As the Richer Sounds catalogue used to say, even in relation to their quite modest range, “if you can't hear the difference we'll give you a free box of cotton buds with our compliments”.

  cheeki 21:18 08 Jul 2007

thanks for your help eveyone,you've been great.

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