Speaker/Earphone Problem

  User-3C44E300-39B5-4E35-B0CB9662CF0938B8 01:12 26 Dec 2006

My laptop has developed a problem... when I plug the headphones in the headphone socket, the speakers do not turn off as they have done... This problem only started a week ago, and I have gone through all the audio/sound menus I can find, to no avail. Just wondering if anyone here had any ideas....

Model: Asus F3Jc
Processor: Core 2 Duo T5600
OS: Windows XP SP2
HD: 100GB.
(any more info needed, please ask)

Thanks in advance for your help,
Tom Wright.

  Graham. 09:42 26 Dec 2006

This is likely to be a mechanical problem. When you insert the headphone plug, contacts on the socket should disconnect the speakers. Try another plug, or waggle the plug to test.

  Arnie 10:26 26 Dec 2006

Also, if the laptop is out of guarantee, open the casework and try to reset the contacts on the internal 3.5mm socket.

You will be able to see the contact movement as you insert/disconnect the plug.

I would only suggest this if you have some good DIY skills.

Thanks, I was afraid it was a hardware fault rather than a software fault.

It's still under warranty from Asus, so it shall be going back soon... (I already have my other computer in to Apple for repair...).

I have tried waggling the socket, and I have tried numerous jacks in the socket, all to no avail, hence I was clinging on to the hope it was software at fault.

Anyway, thanks for your help and quick responses... I shall mark this as resolved. (Although anymore ideas wouldn't be rejected!)

Thanks again,
Tom Wright.

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