Speaker system keeps emitting loud 'click'

  splinternet 22:43 06 Feb 2011

I have a Creative Labs T6100 5:1 spkr/subwoofer system which came with my desktop PC when I bought it 3 years ago. About 3 months ago, the speakers have started emitting a very loud dull thud or click every 5-10 minutes, whether the PC is powered up or not. If I'm trying to listen to something on the PC, this random click is very annoying, and when I power the PC off now, I also have to power off the speakers too. I saw a thread on the Creative forums suggesting a similar problem might be due to a wireless signal problem, but nothing has changed in this respect since I bought the system 3 years ago - I use the same ISP, same router, and same USB wireless adapter on the PC - and the subwoofer/speakers are in the same position. The performance of the T6100 is otherwise fine - no hint of degeneration etc.... Can anyone suggest what might be the problem, or what I could do to isolate the cause?

  squashman 00:53 07 Feb 2011

probably not of any help, but I have just changed my virgin(netgear) modem/router for a virgin superhub for upgrade to 30 meg service, and now getting continual beeping noises from the subwoofer.(also a creative)
Have tried moving it around and it seems to have helped. Not sure if yours has developed a fault which may be helped by moving router away

  bruno 08:41 07 Feb 2011

Various thermostats around the house can cause this type of noise as they switch on and off.Central heating stats or immersion heaters etc.

  Paul-230483 08:54 07 Feb 2011

Try moving all your equipment about untangle all the leads at the back of the machine Its picking up some sort of inteference move the mouse away from the router or the speakers etc Speakers near routers do some strange things when sound systems are near by Good luck.

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