Speaker Sound Volume

  bear73 13:22 28 Dec 2005

For the first time we are using our desktop to play music and the volume at it's max is very quiet. My husband has plugged the speakers into his laptop and the sound is much louder. I am not sure if my desktop has a souncard (how do I check this?)and thought this may be the issue.

When comparing the sounds set up of the desktop and the laptop the only difference is the laptop has Sigma Tel C-Major Audio and the desktop has Vinyl AC'97 Audio (wave). Everything else is the same.

Any advice on improving the sound would be appreciated. Is it the software?


  recap 13:27 28 Dec 2005

Go to Start/Run and type in dxdiag. This will give you information on your sound card and lot's more

  Curio 13:40 28 Dec 2005

Start, All programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Volume. Increase volume if set low, then use the Volume Control on your PC Loudspeakers

  bear73 13:54 28 Dec 2005

Thanks. Ran dxdiag and it says my device is Vinyl AC'97 Audio (wave). I ran the tests and it said they were successful but then came up with a message saying "Your soundcard does not support hardware buffering. Sounds will only playback from software buffers". Not sure if this is relevant.

Yes, my speaker volume is turned all the way up on my pc and also on the speakers themselves. Maybe they are just rubbish speakers but they sounded a hell of a lot louder plugged into hubby's laptop. I do get sound but it's generally not very loud and as we are just using itunes for a recently bought ipod when we play songs on the desktop the sound and volume is rubbish. Thought maybe the soundcard itself was rubbish? It's an old TIME desktop, about 6 years old, speakers came with it.


  recap 13:59 28 Dec 2005

You can change the speakers and put in a soundcard. This may only set you back £20 - £25.

I think the Vinyl AC'97 is onboard sound and not a seperate sound card.

  bear73 14:03 28 Dec 2005

Thanks, I always thought I didn't have a seperate soundcard installed.

Any recommendations for buying one? Will I be able to install this myself?


  BRYNIT 14:08 28 Dec 2005

If you have done as Curio suggested also check in volume control that wave is set to full.

  bear73 14:12 28 Dec 2005

Thanks, yes master volume and wave set to full. I can get sound but it's not great. I think I need a soundcard as don't think I have a seperate one installed.

  recap 14:45 28 Dec 2005

click here for a sound card & click here for a set of speakers. These are only a sample of what you can buy if you search around.

Installing a sound card is easier than you think bear73, when you buy your card, post back and somebody will guide you through the install.

  rose33 15:08 28 Dec 2005

To install sound card, go to>>WWW. BUILDEASYPC.COM >> in left hand column click on>>
Install Selected Hardware >> click on how to install sound card. I hope this helps you.

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