kbg 22:07 20 Oct 2005

I know i can be stupid at times but someone please help, I recently signed up with wanadoo broadband, received my modem ect., I have filters on all phones, yet it's very slow connecting, { i am new at all this} also it says at the top of window, dial-up, I was taught dial-up is different to broadband. Can anyone explain in english.

  ened 07:08 21 Oct 2005

But with Freeserve (I hate the name wanadoodoo)you have to connect everytime you have turned your computer off.
Once you have connected it will stay on until you either disconnect it yourself or Freeserve disconnect you (they sometimes do this but you can re-connect immediately)or if BT run a test on the line.

Sometimes if an external agent such as this has disconnected you I have found that the right hand light on the modem will keep flashing. This might only be the way I have it set up. But if this is the case simply re boot the computer.

Regarding the speed of your connection: I am connected within seconds and always have been but I am quite close to the exchange I don't know if that makes a difference.

Hope this helps.

  kbg 10:01 21 Oct 2005

Hi ened, I have been told I should 've gone with Freeserve, Wanadoo is a pain.I see what you mean; I do disconnect at night and connect tne next time but its still slow, am keeping eyes on modem lights as you suggest.Not sure were nearest exchange is, must find out.

Thanks for replying. kbg

  spuds 12:07 21 Oct 2005

I think some confusion is creeping into you posting. Wanadoo is Freeserve under a new name, and not two different ISP's.

Broadband is not a Dial-up service, and it is run in a different way. When you have connected try some speed test out,and come back with the results.

To do speed test, use each of the following links for a comparison. click here click here click here

For details about your exchange, use this link click here

  ened 17:13 21 Oct 2005

But you are faced with a dial-up connection box.
So it appears as though you are dialling.

kbg The important thing is not the length of time it takes to connect but the speed once you are connected.

A rudimentary way of assessing this is to hover your cursor over the connection icons in the Task Bar - mine reads 576Kbps.

There is a Speed Test utility on the cover disc of the current PC Advisor.

  kbg 22:09 21 Oct 2005

Cheers spuds, will do as you suggest. As I said i'm new to all this so be patient with me, I wil get back to you. kbg

  kbg 22:13 21 Oct 2005

Cheerd ened, I understand what your saying about dialup, perhaps I am being oversensitive, us novices eh! I am taking it all in though. kbg

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 22 Oct 2005

You are using a modem and telephone line therefore you are "dialling up"

With BB you are using part of the phone line activated for digital use and have to dial on to access this. Therefore you see the dial up box when attempting to connect.

You should be connected in approx 5 seconds after clicking the icon. Check your settings:-

right click internet explorer and select properties

onnections tab - highlight Speed touch Connection and check it has default in brackets

tick the button Always dial my default connection

With Speed touch hightlighted click settings

tick "automatically detect settings" everthing else must be unticked

Check your username and password are correct

Click properties the box marked ISDN channel speed touch adsl should be ticked All other boxes unticked

Phone No. should be 0 click ok to go back to the prviuos screen.

click advanced try to connect should show 10 times and wait between attempts 5 secs.

click ok and ok agin nd a third time to close all the property boxes.

try and connect see how long it takes now.

  kbg 11:00 22 Oct 2005

Thanks, you speek my language, simple. Will reply soon. KBG

  kbg 11:12 22 Oct 2005

Did as you said and yes it does connect quicker, well,well. I think thats problem solved.
Many thanks
Thanks to all who helped. KBG

  justme 18:57 23 Oct 2005

I can't help but wonder if part of your problem is the time it takes the speedtouch modem to ready itself for connection.

Whenever I plug in my speedtouch it takes a few seconds before it does anything and then the right hand green light flashes about ten times before becoming a steady green. Only then will the modem connect to the broadband.

If you are booting your computer the modem does not even start this start-up procedure until your computer has initialised the usb connection.

Add to this that your computer may be busy starting other programs and you may experience a long time before it connects.

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