Spate of viruses arriving as email attachments

  Batch 17:22 04 Sep 2008

Are others suffering from this?

Over the last week or so I've received a number of spam type emails with attachments. The email text often relates to some ficticious service or other (they vary) and associated fees with an apparent invoice attached (in a zip file - again the file names vary).

The first one of these that I received was picked up by AVG (on my lappie, where the OE settings are set to leave messages on the server), but not by avast on my desktop (where I subsequently downloaded it to).

Earlier today I received one on the desktop PC that wasn't picked up by avast, but when I tried forwarding it to another email account avast detected something (its database had been updated between receipt and teh attempt to forward).

I've just received another one on the desktop PC which avast didn't pick up. So I forwaded it to another email account and received it on the lappie and AVG didn't detect anything (but I'm pretty certain that it is malicious due to the nature of it).

SO, it rather seems that this spate is not just one thing (i.e. with one virus signature), but a whole host of them - and by the sounds of it with new variants being created all the time (as evidence by my experince with AVG and avast).

As I asked at the top - anyone else having similar?

  Woolwell 17:41 04 Sep 2008

I get them. Just quickly delete. Don't open or forward anything suspicious.

  lotvic 18:53 04 Sep 2008

par for the course - just delete them

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