Sparkle 8500GT Grinding Noise

  Mytob 16:00 15 Jun 2007

Dont know if anyone else has got one of these cards but when ever I play a game on my pc now the card makes a fairly audible grinding noise. Iv tryed the lastest set of drivers but no difference. Has anyone else experianced this or have i just got a bad card?

  Jak_1 16:47 15 Jun 2007

I take it that it's your graphics card, sounds like the fan could do with a looking at and probably a good clean to clear the dust build up etc.

  Mytob 17:25 15 Jun 2007

Iv only had it for 2 weeks lol and it started the moment i tryed the first game. Fan is spinning all the time but it only make the noise during gameplay.

  Migwell 17:36 15 Jun 2007

Try taking the card out and re-installing it. It might not be seated correctly. While you have it out have a look at the fan and see if it is off ballance, or loose. After that try an old card to see if the noise goes as it might not be the card that you suspect that is making the noise.

  Mytob 18:24 15 Jun 2007

have taken it out and reinstalled it and have checked fan as best as i can. I have tighten the screws on it a bit aswell to make sure it is prperly held in postition. Il try removing it and use the onbord one as iv just sold my old one lol!

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