Spark and smoke - what have I done?!

  Wynngnut 14:10 20 Mar 2011

Replacing the screen, I left the power on and got a spark and a whiff of smoke when connecting the LED lead to the terminal on the back of the screen. Now the laptop won't power up.
Is it just the fuse in the laptop that's gone or have I done something major?

  woodchip 15:21 20 Mar 2011

could be anything, they do say turn everything off when you connect things

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 20 Mar 2011

"Now the laptop won't power up."

Any fans running ? any sounds?

  Wynngnut 15:30 20 Mar 2011

No sounds and no blue lights on the laptop where previously there were.

  Nontek 15:34 20 Mar 2011

Make and model of laptop ??

  birdface 15:54 20 Mar 2011

Not sure if you have a fuse on the main power connector but may check that first or check with it just using the battery.

  Terry Brown 16:35 20 Mar 2011

If your motherboard has a fuse, it should be very near the power jack (where you plu in.)

This may help

click here


  Wynngnut 17:24 20 Mar 2011

Just checked it at PC World - nothing wrong with the lead. The guy reckoned it may be the motherboard.
They charge a flat fee of £230 to fix!!!!!
Insurance excess is £100 but I've already forked out £55 for the screen.
It's a Toshiba Satellite btw.

  961 18:19 20 Mar 2011

Yes, but is there a fuse?

You need to find that and replace it

If that doesn't solve the problem then it's likely you've blown something major

You mention insurance, but does that actually cover you working on the machine?

  Batch 18:55 20 Mar 2011

IMHO, given that you left the power on when replacing the screen you possibly aren't competent to deal with these things, so maybe you'd best take it to a professional.

  mooly 07:49 21 Mar 2011

Fuses don't smoke !

I doubt you will find many that will repair to component level on a circuit board.

Sorry it's not good news.

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