Spanish XP Home - iTunes/Quicktime in English?

  Daibus 15:23 01 Oct 2006

I have Windows XP Home in Spanish installed on my PC but would like to download iTunes/Quicktime in English.

I downloaded the English version but my Spanish XP Home is obviously being recognised as lots of the iTunes/Quicktime settings are displayed in Spanish.

Is there any way around this?

  skidzy 15:44 01 Oct 2006

You could try changing a few settings,im not sure if this will work on a Spanish xp.

Start/Control panel/Switch to classic view/Regional and language (looks like a globe)Double click the globe and select languages.

Hope this helps.

  Daibus 16:06 01 Oct 2006

Many thanks for your reply - I tried what you suggested - it did not work however and I had to reinstate the Spanish language via Control panel as it altered my keyboard settings.

Any other thoughts?

  skidzy 16:29 01 Oct 2006

Again not to sure if this will work,but may help. click here

Good luck

  brundle 16:47 01 Oct 2006

"Is there a MultiLanguage Version of Windows XP?

Yes, there is a Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) for Windows XP Professional which allow to switch between 33 languages. The Windows XP MUI is only available as part of Microsoft Volume Licensing programs and MSDN subscriptions. "

from click here

  Daibus 18:06 01 Oct 2006

Thanks guys - I appreciate your help but it looks as though the two links do not apply if you have XP Home installed, but good to keep as references anyway.


  Quiet Life 19:13 01 Oct 2006

Hi What settings are being shown in Spanish?
I have Portuguese XP Home and having selected USA English as the default when downloading iTunes/Quicktime everything I have used is in English.

  Daibus 19:37 01 Oct 2006

Hi - ITunes settings are displayed in English but in Quicktime half of the options are showing in Spanish.

I did select USA English - it would just be easier if everything was in English.

Thanks for your help.

  Quiet Life 23:49 01 Oct 2006

Hi On Quicktime 7.1.3 everything on my computer, with XP Portuguese, is in English.
Most odd!

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