Spanish Router ?

  rdh660 09:18 11 Feb 2007

I have been given a Xavi 7768r adsl/router that was used in Spain. It is badged Telefonica and I have no installation information passwords etc. from it's previous owner.
I have downloaded the manual in English and tried to install the modem/router as instructed. All seems fine all lights indicate everything is working and connected as it should be.
The manual gives instructions on how to reset the modem/router to default values for entry into the configuration screens so I can put in my ISP requirements and connect to the internet. However when I put the router IP into my browser I get the login screen as expected but even though I have reset to default values the default name & password are not accepted and so I can get no further.
Because this was used in Spain with Telefonica as ISP could the default login/password have been altered and so am I simply wasting my time.
Any help would be appreciated.

  LastChip 11:38 11 Feb 2007

I note you have reset the router to default values. Normally, it is a recessed button on the case. Is that what you have done?

If so, all settings including log on values would be reset, so whatever user-name and password the manual says, should take you into the set-up pages.

Keep in mind although your manual is in English, the credentials may be in Spanish.

  rdh660 11:51 11 Feb 2007

Thanks Button
I have used the reset button as instructed in the manual to reset defaults. The default user and password are 1234/1234 so I assume that will make no difference in English or Spanish.I am a bit of a novice where networking is concerned so am I right in thinking that even though the router ADSL light confirms the connection I won't be able to access the internet until I can enter the configuration screen of the router/modem to input my ISP details ......If this is so I return back at my inablity to provide an accepted login and password to access the area despite resetting them to default.

  delantero 12:45 11 Feb 2007

if the router has been reset correctly using the button then 1234/1234 should work. I took my Spanish telefonica router back to the UK in the summer (it was a different make from yours) to use with a broadband connection in the UK and had problems getting it to work. In the end I bought a new router for when I am in the UK and leave the Spanish one here (in Spain). I'm not sure if there is a compatability issue or not when using spanish routers in the UK, I asked for advice on numerous forums and got different opinions.

  rdh660 13:05 11 Feb 2007

Thanks Delantero
I seem to have had the same problems as you. Seems no reason why it should not work but it simply doesn't and nobody is really sure whether it will or will not.
Think you are right, I will just forget about using it and buy another modem/router.... I have spent hours on it already and to no avail. It just seemed a good idea as it was given to me at no cost.

Thanks everyone , I think I will call it a day with this one.
Best regards

  dms05 14:49 11 Feb 2007

The Telefonica router will work in the UK but some basic ADSL settings differ between the two countries.

Telefonica Spain
ADSL Encapsulation RFC 1483 Routed*
VCI 32
Encapsulation LLC - VCMUX

ADSL Encapsulation PPPoA
VCI 38
Encapsulation VCMUX

You can change all these settings easily. Incidentally I've found that *reset* is not just pushing the buton and releasing. Look at the manual and check but press the reset for at least 30 seconds.

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